Chakshu Jain – Indian Influencer on Instagram

Hello TechnoVans readers, thank you for the huge response to the Indian Influencers on Instagram series we started on TechnoVans. This series helping influencers to get the platform and helping them to get the brand collaboration. TechnoVans aims to connect Influencers with Brans and vice a versa. We also feature Indian Startups and Brands on TechnoVans. Today we are going to introduce you to younger influencer Chakshu Jain. Let’s know her in her own words.

Name: Chakshu Jain
Age: 20
Followers: 10.4k

Chakshu Jain - Indian Influencer on Instagram
Chakshu Jain – Indian Influencer on Instagram

Hi Chakshu, Introduce yourself to TechnoVans Readers

Hey my name is Chakshu and I am 20 years old , I create fashion out of clothes I have by mismatching them , cutting them, etc. Also, I create a content that resonates me.

Why people should follow you on Instagram?

Because I am trying different domains and trying to create it one page that has all your requirements , right from food , beauty , fashion and lifestyle also bringing in new stuff.

What is your advice for new fashion Influencers to grow on Instagram?

Create something is unique and that resonates with you not just do it for doing it.

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Chakshu Jain on Instagram

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    thankyou so much for this !

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      You are welcome! Glad to have you on TechnoVans.

      Keep doing amazing things!

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    congratulations ! you deserve it

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