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How Bengaluru-based Startup, Patenti, is empowering Intellectual Property

Patenti is a go-to tool for IPR Analysts, Patent Agents, IPR Attorneys. Patenti is founded by Amrutha M in Dec 2022.

Intellectual Property(IP) portfolio management is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Patenti is building AI powered SaaS products to make patent and other IP entity feature mapping easier for the IP ecosystem. With Human-centered design thinking, Patenti is designing an array of offerings to empower IP Owners, IP professionals and Governments alike to embrace Intellectual property on a large scale with the advent of Industry 4.0. Patenti’s mission statement is “Technology for Your IP”.

Patenti’s mission statement is "Technology for Your IP".
Patenti’s mission statement is “Technology for Your IP”.

Motivation for Patenti

With 1 Lac+ startups in India, innovation and IP would be the biggest differentiator. This would lead to a surge in Patent filing and better processes powering better products. IP authorities and IP professionals alike need technology to keep up with this hike.
Inventors are unsure of the applicability of IP ownership. In India, no metrics and protocol are available for IP-Backed Loans through Banks.

IP-intensive industries not only support jobs, but high-paying jobs. In the EU and U.S., workers earn 46% more in IP-intensive sectors than workers in other sectors.
Patenti will help monitor IP for IP intensive firms in this AI driven era. By meeting the SDG Goals through the above company vision and safeguarding more IP-intensive businesses from counterfeit, Patenti will contribute to increased quality of living of the collective and GDP of the country.

Milestones achieved by Patenti

Here are few highlights since the incorporation:

  1. Incorporated in Dec 2022 with Amrutha as solo entrepreneur.
  2. Featured in “38 Generative AI Startup Landscape in India: A 2023 Snapshot” by NASSCOM in May 2023.
  3. Winner of Elevate 2023, prestigious idea2POC program by Startup Karnataka in Oct 2023. This included a grant from the Government of Karnataka.
  4. Amrutha B, Founder of Patenti was shortlisted for “Digital Women Award 2023” in Oct 2023 .
  5. Entrepreneur-in-residence fellowship awarded to the Founder at IIT Roorkee. 

So far, 12 individuals have worked on product development in paid positions. Interns have shown an immense learning curve and industry experience in their internship tenure.

Patenti Company Vision

  • For IP-First India in 2025, Patenti will enable IP professionals and IP owners with technology to monitor and monetize IP created!
  • Patenti encourages businesses to leverage our tool to research each item entering into the market to find any infringement caused by any of them.
  • IP portfolio management is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Ease the process with AI-Powered patent feature mapping by Patenti.
  • Patenti helps filing for patents before the business’s competitors as Smart Investment Strategy.

About Amrutha B – founder of Patenti

About Amrutha B - founder of Patenti
About Amrutha B – founder of Patenti

Amrutha is from Bangalore. She enjoyed studying and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) in 2007. She has been working as an IT engineer for 16 years and her experience spanned across Data Engineering, Data Architecture, AIML, Data Science over these years. In her role as Technical Manager, she has delivered multiple successful projects across India and USA. Her professional experience in Data Engineering has made me advocate for Privacy and compliance for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in Information systems as well as business practices.

In her quest to expand her knowledge, Amrutha did a PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Law from NLSIU, Bangalore. Her dissertation titled “ANTI PIRACY – A COMPARATIVE STUDY” was received very well in 2010. With kind recognition from executives of Startup in Bangalore, Amrutha could apply this academic knowledge to industry as IPR Analyst since 2021.

Further to this enriching experience, Amrutha has now merged her proficiency in Tech with IPR knowledge to envision a Cloud based SaaS(Software as a service) product tailored around IP resources. She is heading towards success with her technology company, Patenti Technology Solutions(OPC) Private Limited.

Visit Patenti website and the LinkedIn page for more details.

The Founder’s aspirations through this venture will be include the following

• Intellectual Property for safeguarding inventorship and encouraging R&D across sectors.

• Help formulate IP Backed financing as mainstream banking mode in India thereby normalizing IP valuation for Asset light companies.

• Assisting IPR professionals through technology and AI so that IPR Attorneys can complete Patent drafts and infringement cases quicker thereby reducing the fee. This will help more inventors seeking IPR registration which currently is perceived as expensive and time consuming to derive value from IP.

• SaaS product aligned with product management and design principles for better and faster development

• Humanitarian aspiration in line with SDG17, SDG9 and SDG 5.

• IPR Advocacy for wider acceptance and awareness of Intellectual Property entities among Startups, businesses, Students and community.

Connect with Amrutha B, founder of Patenti on LinkedIn.

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