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Safe and reliable Taxi Services in India – The Yellow Cabs

The Yellow Cabs is one of the top online outstation taxi services in northern India. It is currently connected with 1200+ taxi owners and 11000+ happy customers. The Yellow Cabs is the new platform, safe and reliable taxi services in India, created by two young entrepreneurs.

Pruthviraj Dhakhada and Karan Basiya - Founders at The Yellow Cabs Taxi Services in India
Pruthviraj Dhakhada and Karan BasiyaThe Yellow Cabs Founders

 The Yellow Cabs Founders says

Usually when people think of outstation cab services they think about only the upper class affording it.  Now with a yellow cab, not only the upper class but middle and lower class will be able to afford it. It is very helpful for those who want travel outstations of India; the main purpose of this cab company is to make it affordable for everyone, without compromising safety.

Two youngsters founded The Yellow Cabs

Yellow Cabs Private Limited  Founded by Pruthviraj Dhakhada and Karan Basiya belongs to Gujarat. They say “After graduation, both of us went to other states on holiday. We realized that people are having a lot of trouble moving from one place to another. So we thought that an online cab for an outstation can solve this problem and it’ll be much more fast and reliable for everyone”.

At a very young age, when many ambitious young people are working in offices and earning a good salary but they thought about the platform. They made the amazing platform The Yellow Cabs taxi services in India available for all.

The Yellow Cabs Taxi Services in India – Heading towards success

To start this startup, they connected with many experienced drivers and added them to this company which can also work in an effective way. Till now, more than 11000+ services have been completed. In the future, they want to move forward with better and better service to serve people with a better ride.

The Yellow Cabs website:

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