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Transforming Healthcare Communication: Inside SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd’s Innovative Solutions

Naresh Ahuja, Founder & CEO of SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd, sheds light on their transformative solutions that enhance doctor-patient communication.

SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading creators of innovative medical utility products and patient educational inputs for the medical fraternity, leads the charge in transforming healthcare communication. Here, Naresh Ahuja, the Founder and CEO, explains their innovative solutions in a simple manner.

Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Founder & CEO of SMS Scientific Products Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Naresh Ahuja, Founder & CEO of SMS Scientific Products Pvt. Ltd

Science for Doctors: Tailored Desk Tops

One of SMS’s notable creations is “Science for Doctors”, custom-designed desk tops for medical professionals. These desk tops serve as versatile tools, featuring patient education content and a convenient write-and-wipe surface. Some models even incorporate 3D anatomy representations directly on the desktop board, offering detailed descriptions of anatomical structures.

Enhancing Doctor-Patient Engagement and Collaboration with Pharmaceutical Companies

When asked how SMS differentiates itself in facilitating doctor-patient engagement, Naresh highlights their unique approach. Unlike traditional tools like bulky anatomical models and wall charts, SMS’s desk tops feature patient-friendly language and illustrations, making it easier for patients to understand their conditions.

The collaboration between SMS and leading pharmaceutical companies is another standout feature. By crafting content tailored to specific disease areas, SMS ensures that pharmaceutical brands can effectively communicate key messages to both medical professionals and patients.

SMS Scientific Addressing India’s Healthcare Challenges

Naresh also discusses SMS’s commitment to addressing the unique healthcare challenges in India. Through research and collaboration with key doctors, SMS develops products tailored to Indian patients’ needs, including offering them in regional languages as per the requirements of pharmaceutical sponsors, catering to the diverse distribution locations. This approach underscores SMS’s commitment to addressing the unique healthcare challenges and linguistic diversity present in India.

However, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of its medical content stands out as one of the most critical aspects of SMS’s approach. It’s a meticulous process, where SMS delves into a vast array of medical papers, journals, and reputable sources. Through this extensive research, they meticulously select evidence-based information that is both accurate and up-to-date.

Once the information is gathered, SMS’s team of experts works diligently to transform it into easily understandable language and visually engaging content. This involves distilling complex medical concepts into simple terms that patients can grasp effortlessly. Additionally, clear and concise images are created to complement the information, ensuring that the content is not only informative but also visually appealing.

Ensuring Reliable Information

Every detail is carefully scrutinised to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of accuracy and relevance. SMS understands the importance of providing reliable information to both medical professionals and patients, and they spare no effort in achieving this goal. By maintaining a rigorous approach to content creation, SMS ensures that their products serve as trusted resources in the healthcare industry, helping to facilitate better communication and understanding between doctors and patients.

Real-World Impact: Improving Doctor-Patient Communication

Naresh shares a real-world scenario where SMS’s illustration boards significantly improve doctor-patient communication. Imagine a doctor explaining heart failure symptoms to a patient using vivid illustrations -the detailed visuals make complex medical concepts easier to grasp.

Protecting their intellectual property is also paramount for SMS. By registering patents, trademarks, and securing copyrights, they ensure the integrity and value of their contributions to the medical field.

Future Initiatives: Digital and Augmented Reality

Looking to the future, Naresh envisions SMS’s products benefiting all stakeholders involved. From enhancing doctor-patient relationships to serving as a cost-effective marketing tool for pharmaceutical companies, SMS’s solutions promise a brighter future for healthcare communication.

And as for upcoming initiatives, Naresh reveals that SMS is delving into the digital and augmented reality space to further elevate engagement levels and communication effectiveness – a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation.

Visit SMS Scientific Products website for more details.

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