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Startup Story of CollegeKhabri – started with an investment of Rs. 25k and made Rs. 30 lakh in 3 months.

Hello everyone, we are back with a new startup story for you. We at TechnoVans trying our best to give a platform for Startups to reach more people and get their business increased and at the same time, we are motivating people to start their own business. We focus on giving startup ideas to our readers and writing on the questions they ask us. Let’s get the story of Arshi Khan, 24 years old, founder of CollegeKhabri. It is her success story about how she had started CollegeKhabri as a career counseling platform for students and what are the challenges she faced, how she overcame all those challenges and many more. You will for sure will get some motivation from this startup story.

Arshi Khan - founder CollegeKhabri career counseling platform
Arshi Khan – founder of CollegeKhabri, career counseling platform

She is a College Dropout

Arshi Khan, the young lady started CollegeKhabri to guide the students about the career. The platform helps students to decide the career path and the right college for the same. She is a college dropout, yes you heard it right. She is an engineering dropout and she is guiding to students that how they should be serious and careful while deciding the career path and the course or degree for the same.

Why CollegeKhabri Born

The reason behind the idea of starting this career counseling platform for students is the problem faced by Arshi herself. Yes, Arshi was clueless after her father passed away. Her father always guided her for her career path. As her father was no more to guide her, she had a talk with few friends regarding what she can choose as a career, for which course she should go. After talking with a few friends, she decided to do what most were doing, Engineering!

Business is the one word for “Solve the Problem”.

After a year, she realized that this was not what she wanted to do, and dropped out of engineering. But then she saw that this is not the problem for her only, this is a universal problem. There are many who choose the wrong career path or just don’t know what they could do. Business is the one word for “Solve the Problem”, and that’s what Arshi stared to do.

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How this platform helps students for career counseling

Arshi started this platform CollegeKhabri in 2019 which provides end-to-end career counseling services for students. The startup guides student to decide the right career path. CollegeKhabri, first analyses the students profile and help them to work on an assessment. Based on this, the platform helps the student decide on a career path and the right college for the same.

The online portal having different features for students and one of these features is Compare Colleges. Studnet can compare two colleges on the basis of Fee Structure, Placement, Faculty, Exposure, etc.

CollegeKhabri is now a team of 20. Arshi was looking for a tech head and she met Avinash Seth at an event. Avinash, the AWS certified professional corporate trainer joined her as CTO.

YouTube Channel

StudnetKhabri is the YouTube channel started by the CollegeKhabri team through which they guide students and aware them about current trends in career or jobs.

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The Revenue and Charges of career counseling Services

The counseling fees for students start from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000. The fees they charge to students is varies based on the student’s counseling needs and requirements. It depends on their grads and performance, and where the counselor deems the student’s aptitude.

“In three months, close to 19,000 students approached us. Of these, 1700 signed up for our counseling services. We already have over 10,000-plus queries related to admission in UG courses,” Arshi says.

CollegeKhabri, which was bootstrapped with an initial investment of Rs 25,000, made a revenue of Rs 30 lakh in three months, claims the founder.


There are more competitors for CollegeKhabri like Collgedekho, Shiksha, CollegeDunia. But these competitors are working for colleges and lead generation. The key clients of collegeKhabri are the students of age 14 to 24 years.

Future Plans

Arshi says about future plans that they are building AI-based psychometric tests aiming to make the career counseling process independent of human factors. They are developing more tools and planning to expand their reach to other Tier II and III cities so that they can help as many students as possible.

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