Success Story – Journey From the Dream to Meerakle at 23

Hello everyone, here we came back with the great success story of a young lady, the Journey From the Dream to Meerakle at 23. This success story will inspire you for sure.

Shivpriya Sumbha, Founder of Meerakle Media
Shivpriya Sumbha, Founder of Meerakle Media

Entrepreneurship is about taking a lead and still being grounded

It might be a dream for many but only the toughest and the craziest survive. India has seen a lot of startups emerge but only a few could stand out given the passion of their founders and employees.

Among them, she shines a humble lady who has achieved the tag of “inspiring marketer” from her acquaintances and clients. Shivpriya Sumbha, a chemical engineer and founder of Meerakle Media, touched the ground of the dream city, Mumbai, at the age of 18 and the city made her a part of its fancy and chaotic story. At the age of 23, when most of the youth are still figuring out their career, a girl from Nagpur has made her place among the solo digital marketers in Mumbai.

Learned to be a leader from all her solo-travels experiences

Leaving her family behind and giving up on the pampering she received was not easy back then but dreams make you take the toughest roads. While taking her #engineeringlife very seriously, she didn’t let the traveler within her die. Maybe that is how she met the creative side of hers. Exploring the streets of Mumbai and going on solo dates was fun and made her fall in love with the city. Not just that, it made her more confident. Who says traveling is just for fun? According to Shivpriya, she learned to be a leader given her experiences from all her solo-travels.

Shivpriya Sumbha
Shivpriya Sumbha

She also feels that being an engineering student taught her a lot. From multitasking to never being scared of challenges, her engineering days laid the foundation of her success story.

She was the Lady Representative of her college and that just assured her the fact that she has the potential to not just be a leader but achieve everything that she has in her mind.

Career Vs Passion

All her hard work and passion in the engineering days got her a great corporate job that many students dream for. Success in Corporate is not that complex as the ladder remains quite simple to understand. Promotion, incentives, salary hike, a big team and being the boss. Nowhere did she find satisfaction in the list and that is when she chose to go with her passion. Even before opting the entrepreneur life, she was doing great as a freelancer having some amazing projects to deal with.

Being determined, giving her heart and soul to her passion, one fine day, Meerakle Media was born at a cost of Rs. 9,000 among some other great entrepreneurs in the town at 91 Springboard. From that day till now, Meerakle Media earned a revenue worth 25 lakhs and it is only a year. Quite a dream number for every passionate marketer.

Why the name Meerakle?

We thought Meerakle means magic gave the branding it has done for several clients that helped them achieve big numbers either in terms of revenue or followers but Shivpriya has another reason. Meerakle is an amalgam of her parents. Her mother, Dr. Meena, and her father, Mr. Rajeev have their initials in the name of one of the best marketing companies in Mumbai. Blessings work and for Shivpriya, her parents proved to be the guardian angels in her journey.

Challenges faced by Meerakle Founder

Starting off with a bang was not easy but they did it. However, life always tests you and Shivpriya did face a lot of challenges in both her personal and professional life. Business never has the same positive linear graph. It deflects but what matters is the will power to stand strong, face every milestone with more passion towards the goal.

The sun and clouds will be always there, you just need to find the silver lining.

Meerakle now has two offices based out of Mumbai and Pune. However, she has and is working with clients from several cities across India.

Meerakle has an amazing team of designers, writers, marketers, and developers who are more like a family to Shivpriya than just employees.

Meerakle has always stood out. Treating every client as a #meeraklemember, the founder and her team makes every effort needed to give the best service. For Shivpriya what matters is a great customer relationship rather than personal profits. She tries to make her clients, the winner first and that’s how Meerakle has achieved a place in not just the list of top marketing companies but also in the heart of her clients.

For the clients, Meerakle Media is a concoction of professionality and endurance.

The tale and the moral

Shivpriya started her entrepreneurial venture at the age of 23 and it has been a year exploring the untaken, beautiful, sometimes gloomy and sometimes the most heavenly roads. Difficulties were and will be there however she is determined to win the city of dreams and stroll around the patient rocks of Marine drive with a content smile.

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  • Ritam Mitra

    Wonderful words and true being associated with her closely makes me proud of her. Meerakle Media reaches it’s peak

    A well wisher

    • Thank you Ritam Mitra for your kind words for Shivpriya! She is a smart digital marketer!

    • Romil

      This girl is a star. Got goosebumps after reading about this boss lady. She’s undoubtedly an inspiration not only to young female entrepreneurs but to the entire youth of india. Hope she receives more success and meerakle becomes an unicorn. Kudos to role model ‘Shivpriya’.

  • Wow, what an inspiration this young lady is for everyone! I love that she credits solo travels as a way of learning to be a leader. Travel has so many benefits, but that is one I never considered before. All girls, young and old, need role models like Shivpriya!

    • Yes Sherry, Shivpriya is really an inspiration for everyone!
      Thank you for your valuable comment!

  • I love the personal touch in her name selection. It’s great to have something like that to make your business even more meaningful on a deeper level and to remind you why you are doing what you’re doing when you face challenges.

    • Yes, it shows her love towards her mom and dad! I am sure she will certainly achieve a lot in her business!

  • Nice post and quite inspiring. I’m pleased to know she’s an engineer like myself. Engineering is indeed a great tool, sharpening and equipping anyone going through it.

    • I am also an engineer
      Thank you for reading the story!

  • i learned a lot from this article, i think she inspire lots of people by her success


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