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Blogging Experience and Earnings from the Blog ( Sept. 2019 )

Many of our readers requested me to share my blogging experience along with the earnings from the blog TechnoVans. I love TechnoVans. TechnoVans is not the business, it is my hobby. I am a Senior Software engineer by profession and Blogger by hobby. So I am sharing my Blogging Experience and Earnings from the Blog TechnoVans.

Blogging Experience and Earnings from the Blog
Blogging Experience and Earnings from the Blog

Before going into September’s Blogging Experience and Earnings from the Blog TechnoVans, I want you to read these posts about my blogging journey and experience:

I didn’t get a chance to write and publish more posts this month, still, I was active in various social media communities to help other bloggers. I published 10 posts this month.

I write posts to solve the reader’s problems. As I am active on Twitter to help other bloggers and brands, I got one question under one of my tweets that “How to reduce bounce rate”.

I answered the question there itself. But I thought it will be better if I write one detailed post about how to reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics and so I published a well-explained post about the same. Shared the same post with the person who asked the question. This is how I get the trust of my audience.

To Become a Successful Blogger, Solve Readers Problems.

– Vanesh Mali, Founder of TechnoVans

Traffic to the Blog

I always experiment with different things on my blog itself first and then I share my experience and recommendations with my readers. I do everything to keep the bounce rate low in Google Analytics. I tried to keep the bounce rate as low as possible, i.e. around 69%.

Google Analytics Statistics of TechnoVans ( Month Sept 2019 )
Google Analytics Statistics of TechnoVans ( Month Sept 2019 )

You can check your websites Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Bounce Rate, etc from the Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

According to Google Analytics statistics, most of my traffic comes from social media ( mostly from Facebook ) and Google/Organic. Quora also helps me to get high-quality traffic to my blog.

You can check from which channel you get the traffic using Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium

As I write about blogging tips, success stories, motivational REAL stories, people get inspiration from these posts. And hence the traffic gets increased.

Earnings from the Blog

Earnings from the Google AdSense is negligible. The reason behind the low income from Google AdSense is I don’t focus on placing ads in blog posts. No one loves ads on your blog. I always try my best to keep my blog user-friendly.

Earnings from the Sponsered Posts is Rs. 1000. And I am happy about these earnings from my blog as I don’t have such earnings goals. I enjoy blogging on TechnoVans.


People often ask me how to get sponsored posts to get published on our blog? If you are active on related social media groups and if you share your posts which are impressive for brands or startups then they will contact you. Don’t advertise too much. People hate DIRECT advertisements. I try to impress the startup founders by publishing the related content ( Startup Stories ). If your blog has related content then the concern people can connect with you to get their brand promoted. Another most important tip to get a sponsored post is increase the traffic to your blog. If you have high traffic to your blog then there are high chances to get sponsored posts.

I get emails requesting to feature their startup, I only say YES if the brand really ads value to the community. I always think about my readers whether my readers will love the story or not. If the readers will love the story then and then the brand which I promote will get love and business growth.

I enjoy blogging as blogging is my hobby. I don’t do blogging for money as I earn enough through my full-time job.

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How was your blogging experience of last month? How you attract brand to your blog to get them convinced to get featured on your blog? Are you happy with the earnings from your blog? Please leave a comment below, it will help other bloggers.

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Software Professional, Blogger. He writes about the Startup stories, Business Growth Tips, Blogging Tips, Influencers, Brands, Motivational real stories, etc.

12 thoughts on “Blogging Experience and Earnings from the Blog ( Sept. 2019 )

  • Great article! Thanks for posting. I really appreciate the help you have given me. My bouncing rates are decreasing. Thank you so much for the great tips.

  • It’s impressive and motivating. Every blogger wants to monitize the blog but don’t know how
    Initially, building traffic is tough too. Thanks for this informative post.

  • Thank you Vanesh! I learned something new today about sponsored posts and bounce rates. Great job!

    • Glad to hear that! Yes, sponsered posts is the quick cash earning source.

  • Great read. Im still working on having traffic to my blog and then everything else will follow. Thank you.

  • Hats off to your honesty and simplicity, sir!!
    The way you put your blogging earnings, however low is it , earned much more respect from mine.

    • Thank you Sudip!
      Everything starts with small. I am trying my best to motivate others to grow!
      Let’s grow together!


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