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How I Started Blogging

Today I will be sharing my own experience about “How I started Blogging“. People often ask me, how I have started blogging. I often answered via direct message, comment or email, but I think it’ll make more sense if I answer your questions in a blog post. This post may be looks like more personal but I am sure you will get some motivation and blogging tips to start and grow your blog.

How I Started Blogging - Vanesh
How I Started Blogging – Vanesh

First Blog, Blogspot Blog ( Jobs/Career Guidance)

In 2014, I have completed my Masters in Computer Application and started looking for a job. At the start, I was looking for a job as a dot net developer ( ASP.NET ). Given a few interviews for the same in the small scale to MNC companies. Failed. Tried. Failed. And in this way, I got a lot of experience in giving interviews. There were many candidates like me there struggling for getting a job.

What I was doing that time is, after coming from an interview noting down the interview questions asked to me. Tried to find out the right answers to these questions. I have decided to put these question answers at a single place and in such a way that I can access from anywhere using the internet. There comes the concept of Blog for me. And I have started my first BLOGSPOT blog, only for me, myself. Later I came to know that many people are struggling with interviews and at that time I have decided to make these interview question answers available for needy people. I have created one FACEBOOK group only for IT Students ( freshers ) and there I have shared my blog and guided on the basis of my experience.

I realized that I can not make anything with ASP.NET and decided to go with PHP πŸ™‚ And here new struggle started and the same process. Tried. Failed. Tried. Succeed. I have shared all my experience there on my BLOGSPOT blog and guided IT, freshers. Slowly and steadily I learned a lot about blogging ( still I am learner ).

Applied for AdSense. Rejected because of duplicated content. Yes, I have copied the interview question answers from other sites. Then I have framed the questions and answers in my own language. Tried to explain everything in an easy way. People loved it. Traffic increased. Blog improved. Adsense Approved.

Growth in Career

Later I got busy as a PHP Developer and this blog was not updated at all for years. Still, there was enough traffic.

Meanwhile, I lost my job and started freelancing. Freelancing was just for my bread and butter. Again interviews. Tried. Failed. Tried. Succeed.

Today I am working as a Senior Software Engineer.

Birth of TechnoVans, my second blog ( first professional blog )

One year ago ( August 2018 ), I have purchased just to sell it later πŸ™‚ But later I thought that I can use this website to spread the knowledge. And here it comes my second blog. TechnoVans Blog is 4 months old and having 700 to 1000 daily visitors. I am trying to increase the traffic more using all my blogging knowledge and experience.

For TechnoVans, I have decided to write about Blogging Tips, SEO tips, Startup Stories, Website Development, Business Motivation, Motivational Real Stories. At the start, I was not having any purpose of making money using my blog. Later some startup founders come up with a request to feature their Startups. Here it comes the idea of Sponsered Post. As TechnoVans is growing, People are coming to promote their business. But I am very strict when it comes to the content of the blog. I always give the preference to my readers first. Rejected many Sponsered Posts just because “they were not fit in my blog theme/niche”.

Many Bloggers asked me, “how do you get sponsored posts?”. If your blog is having enough ( high ) traffic and your content is related to their business and if you market your blog well in related social media groups then getting sponsored posts is not that much difficult.

Currently, I am earning ( immediate cash payments ) through the sponsored posts only.

I also have Google AdSense configured for TechnoVans, but the income from it is negligible. I am sure that I will be growing my blog traffic and one day I will earn more using Google AdSense.

Making money by using blogging is not an easy task nowadays. But it is not that much difficult if you follow the Blogging Tips provided by Expert Bloggers who are earning enough to living a boss-free life!

Important Blogging Tips for you:

  • Do Blogging from the bottom of your heart. Write about the topic you have knowledge and experience.
  • Write unique content. NO for copy paste.
  • Focus on ON PAGE SEO while writing the posts.
  • Share your posts to social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Connect with Other Bloggers, read their blogs, comment on their blogs.
  • Be Active on Quora, help people there on Quora. Quora is the best medium to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Help People, People will help you.
  • Last but very IMPORTANT: Don’t Quit.
    Read all BLOGGING TIPS here

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How’s your blogging experience? How did you start blogging? Please tell me in the comment box.

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Software Professional, Blogger. He writes about the Startup stories, Business Growth Tips, Blogging Tips, Influencers, Brands, Motivational real stories, etc.

28 thoughts on “How I Started Blogging

  • Hi Vanesh, This is very interesting and inspiring blog. Keep doing the same. Thanks

  • Chris Kosto |

    Inspiring post for anyone thinking to follow a career like yours! I wish you the best luck on your journey!

  • This is a very clear example of marking a spread of knowledge one has.. Keep it up Vanesh !

  • Vikas Sakhare

    Hi Vanesh,
    Nice to see you on the blogger’s World!
    I have gone through few articles from your blog, these are really inspiring.
    Keep doing such good work πŸ™‚

  • Very inspiring! I knew you knew what you were talking about! Thank you for the post, it was informational as well!

    • Thank you Ashlee for nice words
      I am happy that I am connected with such a great Blogging world.

  • Hard work pays off Vanesh, I am glad you did not give up and kept on it. This is the biggest formula in blogging. Keep doing it consistently and you will be successful. Keep up the good work.

      • Being a genuine writer as a blogger is so huge. I’m in the Finance niche and as a 24k a year warehouse worker with $170 net worth it’s rewarding to see my readers find my viewpoints genuine and down to earth. Great inspiration. Thank you!

  • Thanks for sharing your story of how you got started blogging! I always find it interesting to see the path other people have taken to become bloggers and growing their blogging career.

    • Thank you, Supriya!
      Good to know that you found it helpful!


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