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Top 11 Indian Food Influencers on Instagram ( 2024 )

We at TechnoVans, featuring Top 11 Indian Food Influencers on Instagram. Are you looking for an Indian Food Influencers list? In this post, we will explore the best Indian food influencers.

Top 10 Indian Food Influencers on Instagram - AI generated Image
Top 10 Indian Food Influencers on Instagram – AI generated Image

When ranking these Indian Food influencers, we have considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Indian Food space.

Before jumping to the list of top 11 Indian food influencers on Instagram, let’s understand what it means by food influencer.

What is a Food Influencer?

A food influencer is someone who has a large following and specializes in food-based content. They post all things food related from ranking their favorite restaurants to their favorite recipes.

Food influencers typically share their culinary experiences, recipes, restaurant recommendations, cooking tips, and food-related content on various platforms such as social media, blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts. 

Here is the list of top 11 Indian food influencers on Instagram that you must follow in 2024!

Indian Food Influencers on Instagram - AI generated Image
Indian Food Influencers on Instagram – AI generated Image

Top 11 Indian Food Influencers on Instagram

#1 Shivesh Bhatia

Bake with Shivesh is the food blog owned and managed by Shivesh Bhatia. Shivesh is Self-taught baker & author of 4 cookbooks. He has featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, Asia. He started baking when he was in class 11.

He has written and released his first book Bake With Shivesh in November 2018.

His work and journey got covered by almost every major newspaper of India like – India Today, The Hindu, Times of India, Vogue India, etc.

  • Instagram Handle: @shivesh17
  • Instagram Followers: 1.7M
  • Food Blog URL:

#2 Deeba Rajpal

Deeba runs a food blog called Passionate about Baking. She has written 50+ Eggless dessert ideas on her blog.

Her blog Passionate about Baking has photographs and recipes of her adventures in the kitchen, and a little bit about her other interests – food styling, nature, art, photography, props, travel.

  • Instagram Handle: @passionateaboutbaking
  • Instagram Followers: 677k
  • Food blog URL:

#3 Palak Patel

Palak is one of the best food influencers in India. She is the National Bestselling Author of “The Chutney Life”. She writes Indian food recipes on her blog called The Chutney Life.

  • Instagram Handle: @thechutneylife
  • Instagram Followers: 282k
  • Food blog URL:

#4 Kabita Singh

Kabita Singh is one of the best Indian food influencers who has 1.4M followers on her Instagram and 13.6M subscribers on her YouTube channel called Kabita’s Kitchen. With her passion for cooking and penchant for sharing authentic Indian recipes, Kabita has earned a dedicated fanbase and widespread recognition in the culinary world.

Kabita Singh’s kitchen has become a hub for food enthusiasts seeking to explore the flavors of Indian cuisine.

  • Instagram Handle: @kabitaskitchen
  • Instagram Followers: 1.4M
  • Food blog URL ( Youtube channel ):

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#5 Meeta Arora

Meeta Arora is a famous Indian food influencer who shares recipes and writes all about food on her blog called Piping Pot Curry. She focuses on Daily Delights with Easy & Healthy Recipes while creating the content on her blog and instagram profile.

  • Instagram Handle: @pipingpotcurry
  • Instagram Followers: 54.5k
  • Food blog URL:

#6 Chahat Anand

Chahat Anand identifies herself as a food influencer, food blogger on Instagram and digital creator.  She loves two things to the core which are food and travel.

  • Instagram Handle: @chahat_anand
  • Instagram Followers: 1.8M
  • YouTube channel URL ( 2.16M subscribers ):

#7 Avinash Patnaik

Avinash Patnaik is well known as “Bhukad Insan” on Instagram. He is one of the popular food influencers on Instagram in India. He was the contestant in Masterchef India 2023 and was in the list of top 12 finalists. He is fond of food and plants.

  • Instagram Handle: @bhukadinsan
  • Instagram Followers: 31.8k
  • YouTube channel URL ( 3K subscribers ):

#8 Megha Bhansali

Megha Bhansali is a famous food influencer on Instagram in India. She writes more about South 

Indian food and Jaipur special food on her Instagram handle called “deliciouscalories”.

#9 Yaman Agarwal

Yaman Agarwal runs a great platform on Instagram – CookingShooking. It is one of the best platforms for all types of food influencers on Instagram.

  • Instagram Handle: @cooking.shooking
  • Instagram Followers: 578k
  • YouTube channel URL ( 4.45M subscribers ):

#10 Hina Gujral

Hina Gujral is one of the famous food influencers on Instagram in India. She writes at her blog called “Fun Food Frolic”.

She has written a book titled – The 100 BEST Curries for your Instant Pot. You will love her recipes with all the details provided by her on her blog and IG.

  • Instagram Handle: @funfoodandfrolic
  • Instagram Followers: 655k
  • Food blog URL:

#11 Kalash Soni

Kalash Soni is one of top food influencers in India. He identifies himself as a foodie influencer and digital creator. He loves to try various street foods and share the review with his fellow followers.

Kalash Soni is a well-known Food Blogger and Content Creator. He is loved by the masses for his food reviews and recommendations.

  • Instagram Handle: @mammi_ka_dhaba
  • Instagram Followers: 598k
  • YouTube channel URL ( 1.76M subscribers ):

We hope this list of top 11 Indian Food Influencers on Instagram have been fruitful for your requirements. Are you aware of any other popular food influencer on Instagram in India who you follow? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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