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Fashion Talk with Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles )

We at TechnoVans, feature the fashion influencers and help influencers to connect with the brands. This is the platform where we help everyone to tell their story to the world. Today we are sharing the Fashion Talk of one of the top fashion influencer on Instagram, Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles ). She loves to create the content about the fashion and beauty. Ananya shares her journey as a fashion influencer along with some important tips to grow on Instagram.

Fashion Talk with Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles )

Interview with fashion influencer, Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles )

Can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi, my name is Ananya Debnath, people know me as “fancy_bristles” on Instagram and on my website as where I publish my blogs.

I am from Bangalore, India. I have done Master in Business Administration from Symbiosis college Pune. I am 29 years old and a happily married woman since 2016 to a stunning husband.

About my career, I have joined many MNCs and worked at least for 2 years, as my interests were gradually turning into Fashion field which I always wished to go for since my childhood, but did not get the opportunity neither got the right direction ever to accomplish them. So I wanted to give it a chance once again and I started my content creation also blogging journey since 2020 May. Yes please buckle up to know more about my life and some of my engrossing moments,

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Describing in just couple of words will not be enough to draw my personality, but yes If I have to describe myself in just three words I need to choose the right words which suits my personality the most, so here it is:

Ingenious Contrasting Lovable

Why the name “fancy_bristles” ?

Fashion is connected to makeup as well as beauty so I had to choose the name which will feature my work in that way, I always love to wear Fancy Clothes and love to wear a lot of makeup when the mood is healthy and to apply them we really need some quality brushes which has soft bristles, so if you connect the lines together you will get the link of my name and will know how crazy I am about fashion and makeup.

Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles ) - Fashion Influencer
Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles ) – Fashion Influencer

What are your 5 must have fashion essentials?

There are a lot of fashion essentials which we can not skip right from accessories to clothes but we have to pick the top most essentials which can give us Timeless style.

So my top 5 favorite must have fashion essentials are

  1. Plain white shirt and t-shirt: believe me plain white shirt or t-shirt goes perfect with every bottom in every season.
  2. Sneakers for my go to look: sneakers are not made for gym workouts only as there are a lot of styles we can rock in sneakers and they look cool when you style them with your pretty dress or with simple joggers,
  3. Relaxed denim jeans like straight fit,    boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans: Denims will never go out of trend as it is one the must have in our wardrobes, Whether you pair it with a cropped top or with a simple tee it really gives the cool vibe.
  4. Loafers: They are classic with timeless style and they are buttoned up, so we can wear them as formal to our work place as well.
  5. A little black dress: Black dress is almost every girl’s favorite outfit forever, I still remember in my college days we used to party a lot and all the pretty black dress used to be my dress code  always.

What is the most challenging thing you think as fashion influencer on Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram most of the Fashion influencer will have the similar answer for this “not getting views or likes we are expecting” it takes a lot of efforts to make one content which seems 15secs of a reel video only but the hardwork we put behind the scenes were a lot more than this. It takes years to build relation with our audiences and they are the one who will decide whether we are going to reach our goal or not. Most of the times we post according to Insight of Instagram but it does not give us a lot of responses in terms of appreciation, I mean likes views or comments. So this is the only challenge we face or I would say only thing we should concentrate on.

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How do Instagram influencers make money ?

Well it does not matter how many brands offer you or how many promotions you get , what matters here is what kind of brand will offer you some money to promote their products through your contents,  so for me it was not that fast or not slow to earn money from brands , I still remember i started getting money from few medium brands. And my very first earning was only 1000 Rs. and in return I had to post few pictures with their products but I was happy and satisfied with that because when brand considers your efforts and offer you some amount in exchange of an ad with their products it matters a lot.

Quickly I want to suggest please pick the right brand for your audiences according to your niche which may teach you how to approach the right brand in future and demand for the amount you deserve, but always be ready with the media kit along with your prices which can be shown to the brands when needed also it looks quite professional.

Fashion Influencer - Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles )
Fashion Influencer – Ananya Debnath ( fancy_bristles )

Why should people follow you on Instagram?

Aah you asked me a very tricky question, I still wonder why should people follow me? But I think I am getting my answer day by day with my contents, I have achieved almost 20k followers who definitely can connect with my contents and my niche, I am still trying to improve myself a lot which can give my followers some reason to refer their friends and families to follow my profile and that will be the real achievement for me, If I compare the initial time with the current time I can say I have worked so hard that I am here today with this count of followers,  everyday posting, quality contents, sticking to the niche, OOTD videos, promoting quality brands (small, medium or large) these kind of things are helping me a lot to say loudly please follow me everyone.

What is your advice for new fashion influencers to grow on Instagram?

As I said in the above mentioned lines please stick to your niche, be consistent when it comes to posting contents, be choosy for the promotion of right brands and be confident what ever you do on social media as a fashion influencernever stop learning from the top most fashion influencers you follow. My all time favorite fashion influencer is Leonie Hanne ,she is from German and I adore how creative she is when it comes to posting a content, 

What are your thoughts about the platform?

TechnoVans is really doing a great job by sharing all the inspiring stories from every corner.

I feel this is a great idea for a startup company like this because people like us will get the chance to talk about their work, their profession, their talents in the same platform.

I would like to say a big thank you to the whole team who has taken all the initiatives, wishing you all the very best team “TechnoVans“.

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