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Ujjwal Sukheja building Mooq for creators to curate their content in one place

This is the story of Ujjwal Sukheja, the Computer Science Engineering student who is building the Mooq platform for creators to curate their content in one place. At TechnoVans, we publish the stories of Change Makers. “One link for all your content”, love the idea, right? So this is the idea implemented by Ujjwal Sukheja.

Ujjwal Sukheja building Mooq for creators to curate their content in one place
Ujjwal Sukheja building Mooq for creators to curate their content in one place

Interview with Ujjwal Sukheja, creator of Mooq (the platform One link for all your content)

Please tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m Ujjwal Sukheja.

I’m a Growth Marketer, a Computer Science Engineer. I’ve born in Satna (M.P.) & later I moved to Bangalore for pursuing computer science engineering and I’m graduating in 2022.

In the past 3 years, I’ve worked with over 5+ startups and acquired over 100,000+ Users with both organic and paid channels. Currently, I’m building Mooq to help creators to get organic reach through their old content.

You are active on Twitter, There you talk about the MOOQ platform. Can you please tell us more about it? How it all started?

I like how supportive the Twitter community is. I’ve started using Twitter consistently in April and It’s been an amazing journey till now. I met some amazing people & made amazing friends over there.

The Idea of Mooq strike to me when I was searching for a Twitter thread from a creator and it was difficult to find their old content and then I understood that if they would have given me the ease to consume their content then it was way easier for me as an audience to consume their content.

What are the challenges you faced while building Mooq?

I was exploring no-code tools when I thought to build this product and due to that, I chose to use Webflow as my main stack, and all the other tools that are being used keep added to the stack whenever I was coming across any problem.

Later after developing the MVP, I found out that the product was ready but it was not scalable but It was sufficient to validate the product and that is the main thing to me.

The one problem which I faced is not having a clear product feature list, which is the biggest mistake I was doing as a maker, which is “I keep on building new feature without thinking of whether it’s needed in MVP or not”, due to this mistake my MVP launch delayed for 15 days.

What is your experience with building in public?

The experience of building my product in public is amazing now. Being a solo founder, helps me to document my journey of building this product and this makes the sharing of knowledge very easy, which helps me to connect with more like-minded people and make more friends.

How do you generate new ideas?

I don’t think I have any process or any formula for this. It’s just if I face any problem myself then I try to find the solution for this and try to validate the idea by asking a few peoples or announcing the landing page directly. if the data shows me that is worth doing that then I’ll build that.

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How do you manage your time in a day? Please give us details about your daily routine.

Usually, I plan my next day while I go to sleep that helps me to get focused on that particular task without procrastinating or delaying I’ll do that task and I try to be efficient while performing that task and I keep my task table short because I love to give few hours to explore anything I’m having in my mind, this helps me to be creative.

What are your future goals or roadmap of

Mooq started as a side project to test my ability to market the non-developed product, to document my journey of building a product, to share the knowledge I was learning while building this product.

The future goals of this product are to get 10 Paying customers in the alpha stage and move further for the beta launch and acquire 100 paying creators. After acquiring 100 creators the product will be developed from scratch by the tech team. This is the current vision of the product.

Follow Ujjwal on Twitter.

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