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Taher Dhanerawala creates Rubberfy, platform for household rubber products

“The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy”– this is what Taher believes in. With this mindset, he kickstarted his brand Rubberfy few months ago. Rubberfy deals with manufacturing eco-friendly silicone-based reusable household products. Until few months ago, Taher never imagined starting this brand, but today he is glad to have done it.

Taher’s family has been in the rubber business for decades; but with Rubberfy, he wants to take it to the next level.

Taher Dhanerawala creates Rubberfy, platform for household rubber products

Founder’s education and professional experience

The B.Com graduate from the prestigious University of Mumbai, Taher knew he wanted to create something innovative that would benefit society at large. Before diving into the business scene full-time, he worked in various companies under the Customer Service and Operations department. This work experience made him aware of the customer’s needs and wants.

Eco-friendly products of Rubberfy

As Taher aims to set a benchmark amongst those in the same field, he has worked hard to back his brand with ideas and research. He understands that plastic is harmful not just for the environment, but also for the user, therefore, deciding to go the eco-friendly way. By replacing plastic with reusable silicone rubber, the products are beneficial to both parties. This is how the brand – “Rubberfy”, came into form.

With a large market and few competitors, Taher has begun implementing plans to reach out to more untapped customers. As his brand caters to an audience that consists of mainly housewives, Taher now wants to go beyond this customer base for his products. 

Heading towards success

Over time, Taher has received invaluable knowledge from his father, besides his own work experience. This gave him the confidence to take “Rubberfy” to the next level by making it available for his customers via eCommerce. Even as eCommerce is a risky place, Taher feels confident about his brand. After all, there is nobody initiating the kind of conversation he is making by manufacturing products, which are made with 100% pure silicone rubber. 

Through Rubberfy, Taher’s plan is to “Ideate, Create and Expand”, something that he is working on every single day.

Follow Taher on Twitter: @taherdhanera
Rubberfy website:

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