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Abhishek Dutta talks about Speech To Note – an AI-powered speech recognition tool

Speech To Note is the powerful tool that converts spoken audio into text instantly. Abhishek Dutta launched this product at the end of 2023 in Dec, currently has 1500 active users. In this Interview, Abhishek Dutta shares his journey about career, entrepreneurship, and how he has developed a wonderful product Speech To Note.

Interview with Abhishek Dutta creator of Speech To Note tool
Interview with Abhishek Dutta creator of Speech To Note tool

Interview with Abhishek Dutta creator of Speech To Note tool

Can you please tell our readers about yourself?

I am Abhishek Kumar Dutta, I am from Nagpur, Maharashtra. A designer, an entrepreneur who loves music and football. I did my education here in Nagpur only. I studied at Shivaji Science College, which is part of Nagpur University. I completed my BSc in Statistics, Computer Science, and Maths. Then, I started working in an agency as an SEO executive. Over time, I worked as a developer and eventually as a designer. I spent about 4 and a half years working for three companies before starting my own agency, Team Codesign, back in 2017.

With Team Codesign, we have been providing a lot of client services, mainly focusing on user experience design and product design. Eventually, we added our focus towards product development as well. That’s when the idea struck to work on multiple product ideas, one of which was Speech To Note. So we continued to work on our client services to finance the team behind Speech To Note. And as it has taken off and gained good traction, we are continuing to build on top of it.

Tell us about your product, Speech To Note. What’s the major problem you are solving?

One of the major problems that we are solving is capturing ideas at any given point in time and easing the process of documenting your ideas with the help of our tool. The problem started with my own challenge, as I used to write a lot for social media content, project execution plans, contracts, and task logs for project requirements. Writing was laborious, especially when it involved so many tasks as an entrepreneur and designer. But thinking and voicing my ideas was never a problem.

With the advent of AI and various AI models becoming available, I sought to ease this process by creating a proof of concept application with my team. We ended up making a very light version of what Speech to Note is now, which I began using daily for my agency operations. It had its glitches, but the core aspect of it functioned well. That’s when I realized that if I was facing this issue, many others likely were too. So we built on the idea, and we’ve been developing it ever since.

Why do your customers select you over competitors?

Even though we are still at an early stage, one thing that makes us stand out is our excellent support and attitude towards being receptive to feedback, whether it’s positive or critical. We make sure to take all the feedback. Additionally, it’s the simplicity of the product that appeals to our users, whose ages range from 12 to 75 years. Thus, it necessitates keeping the product simple over the long term.

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Our support and simplicity are complemented by our strong community. We have a Telegram channel for Pro and Pro+ users of Speech to Note, where they can openly share feedback, seek support, or share their ideas. We have focused on two main pillars: product-led growth, meaning our product should be simple enough to drive its own growth, and community-led growth, ensuring the human element remains for positive interactions within our ecosystem.

What were the problems or challenges you faced to date? How did you overcome them?

There were a few significant challenges. First was building the right team and fostering the right mindset within the organization to avoid assumptions and biases, and we resorted to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach.

The second challenge was managing users feedback. The volume of feedback and suggestions can be overwhelming, so we adopted a cohort-based approach to understand not only our power users (who have all sorts of exceptional ideas and demands) but also the behavior of all users on our platform.

Third, we faced technical bugs. As a fresh and continuously evolving company incorporating new features and ideas, bugs inevitably occurred. Still, we tackled them promptly to ensure a smooth user experience.

How do you provide support for user queries regarding the use of the Speech to Note tool?

We provide support in several ways:

  • There’s a thorough FAQ section on our website.
  • We have an active chatbot on the website, which connects directly to myself and team members, ensuring queries are resolved within 24-48 hours. If we can’t resolve it in that given timeframe, we atleast make sure to be transparent with customers and let them know about the timeline to fix things.
  • Users can reach us through a contact form or email. Most prefer direct communication and though they find FAQs useful, the option for direct outreach is well-utilized. We’re also developing a speech-based feedback system to further simplify user queries.

Please tell us about an achievement you are most proud of.

There are a few things I’m proud of:

  • Launching our app to the public after closed beta testing. Since our launch on December 27th, we’ve amassed over 1500 users, many of whom are paying customers, partly through lifetime deals that provided momentum and invaluable feedback.
  • The community we’ve built has proven to be open and vocal, providing honest feedback we take seriously.
  • Lastly, I’m extremely proud of my team and their passion and accountability in moving Speech to Note forward.

What are the future goals for Speech to Note?

As for future goals for Speech to Note, we began as a simple note-taking tool, but now we’re expanding to more areas, including offline one-to-one meeting solutions. Our vision encompasses five key areas: speak, write, share, collaborate, and publish. We aim to integrate these elements into Speech to Note, constantly improving to achieve this goal.

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