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Interview: Priyanka Prasad talks about ProductLogz, all-in-one feedback management tool

In this Interview, Priyanka Prasad has shared her journey from Legal Associate to Product, Sales and more than that. She is the co-founder at ProductLogz, the all-in-one feedback management tool. You will get to learn more about the awesome tool called ProductLogz.

Can you please tell our readers about yourself?

Hi, I am Priyanka Prasad from Bengaluru. I completed my education from National Law University and practiced as a Legal Associate in the dispute resolution space. After working for around 5+ years as a litigating lawyer, I switched gears to transition into the tech space.

In early 2023, I joined a fintech company as a Program Manager.

After my 1 year stint, I joined ProductLogz as the co-founder majorly handling the marketing, sales and product development.

Priyanka Prasad co-founder at ProductLogz
Priyanka Prasad, co-founder at ProductLogz

Tell us about your product ProductLogz. What’s the major problem you are solving using this tool?

ProductLogz is an all-in-one feedback management tool where product managers or early-stage SAAS founders can collect and prioritize feedback, plan roadmaps, conduct user research surveys and publish changelogs to keep users in the loop.

Productlogz mainly helps product teams manage feedback better such that they can make better product decisions.

ProductLogz - How it works
ProductLogz – How it works

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

There are a lot of existing competitors or companies who are operating in this space but very few are focussing on a holistic feedback system. At ProductLogz our focus is not just collecting & analyzing qualitative research but also quantitative feedback. With our combined abilities of surveys & feedback boards, product teams can collect ideas, prioritize them, conduct user research and validate ideas as well.

Additionally, most competitors in this space are priced very high which makes it difficult for early & mid-stage SaaS companies to onboard such a platform. ProductLogz has a very affordable pricing structure with generous feature sets in every plan.

What were the problems/challenges you faced up to this date? How did you overcome them?

We faced some challenges in terms of establishing ourselves in a competitive market. While Productlogz started as a platform to increase user engagement for collecting feedback, we had to change our positioning to feedback management software considering that is where we got the pull & demand of the market.

Please tell us about an achievement you are most proud of?

I think for me personally the mere fact of transitioning from legal to product was by itself very challenging & fulfilling. I didn’t know if I could build & market a tech product, but 2 years later I was able to do all that an indie hacker or an early-stage SaaS founder would do, including a bit of coding.

What are the future goals for your product ProductLogz?

Looking forward we see ProductLogz as one of the software that Product teams use daily to conduct user research and find and validate ideas in a seamless and cost-efficient way.

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