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Northeast Fashion Startup ‘Little Box’ Receives Offers from All Five Sharks on Shark Tank India!

The story unfolds with Rimjim Deka, a young visionary entrepreneur, and her tech-savvy husband Partha Kakati, driven by a dream to innovate the fashion industry while proudly representing Northeast India. Little Box, Northeast Fashion Startup received offers from all five Sharks on Shark Tank India!

This dynamic duo from the region captivated viewers on Shark Tank India, broadcasted on SonyLIV on March 7, 2024. Their brainchild, Little Box India, emerged as a pioneering direct-to-consumer (D2C) fashion brand, making waves by securing offers from all five sharks on the show.

Little Box India secured deals from all five sharks in Shark Tank India
Little Box India secured deals from all five sharks in Shark Tank India

About Little Box India:

Founders: Rimjim Deka (CEO), Partha Kakati
Founded: 9th April, 2022

Inspired by the diverse street styles of the hill states, Rimjim Deka, who hails from Assam, Arunachal, and Meghalaya, envisions spreading Northeastern fashion sensibilities nationally and globally.

Little Box India has surpassed expectations with net sales exceeding 9 crores

Since its establishment in June 2022, Little Box India has achieved remarkable milestones. In its first year, the company surpassed expectations with net sales exceeding 9 crores, and it projects a net revenue of 25 crores by the end of the current financial year. Notably, all of this growth has been achieved through bootstrapping efforts, showcasing the company’s dedication and potential for exponential growth.

Headquartered in Guwahati, Little Box India has strategically assembled a diverse in-house team comprising professionals in technology, digital media, creative, logistics, and customer service. With a manufacturing unit and warehouse in Delhi, the company boasts a robust operational setup to support its ambitious vision. Additionally, they have established three offline stores in India, located in Guwahati, Shillong, and New Delhi.

Little Box India secured deals from all five sharks

Little Box India takes pride in elevating Northeastern fashion to national and global platforms. Their groundbreaking appearance on Shark Tank India, where they secured deals from all five sharks, highlights their entrepreneurial spirit and serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. By redefining the fashion landscape, the brand aims to contribute back to society and empower the region from which they originated.

Little Box India’s mission

Little Box India has a big goal to change the fashion industry and make it better. They want to do this by focusing on sustainability and showing how people from the Northeast can be successful entrepreneurs. As they keep going, they inspire others and create new ways for fashion to be in the future.

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