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Introducing Kathalfy: A Delicious Revolution in the Plant-based Arena

India’s Kathalfy, a culinary delight in the world of plant-based products, has taken up jackfruit as a hero ingredient and developed products ranging from breakfast pancakes to evening snack burgers and dinner meal curries.

Kathalfy brings best jackfruit products never imagined before
Kathalfy brings best jackfruit products never imagined before

This clean label brand works on the principles of traditional recipes which are culturally relevant to human food choices. Kathalfy is dedicated to promoting conscious living and healthier lifestyles. 

Jackfruit, renowned for its versatility and rich texture, takes centre stage in Kathalfy’s diverse  range of culinary offerings. Their products signify an exciting chapter in the realm of plant based cuisine, presenting consumers with innovative jackfruit creations that are both nutritious  and planet-friendly. 

Crafted with minimally processed ingredients, Kathalfy’s products are a testament to simplicity, taste and quality. Be it their ready to eat burger patties having up to 77% jackfruit,  or ready to cook Mughlai Jackfruit Keema with 100% natural aromatic spices – taste and  nutrition are never compromised in any of the packs one may pick at Kathalfy. One of the bestselling products, Kathal Ka Achar is a tasty yet nutritious add-on to daily meals.

Jackfruit products by Kathalfy

Kathalfy’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just ingredients.

“We believe that nature  already provides us enough resources that food need not be developed artificially in labs.  Minimal processing of naturally available resources to make it a hassle-free experience and fit  for human consumption is what we continue to work towards. We encourage people to really  know their food and to always read the label when it comes to packaged food”, says Aman  Chhabra, CMD at Kathalfy.

Kathalfy is Kind to Humans, Kinder to Nature.

Visit the website of Kathalfy to know more details.

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