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Surveyaan: Transforming Drone Surveying

Surveyaan, an innovative drone startup within Nibrus Technologies Private Limited, has been revolutionizing the field of drone surveying for the past five years. Founded on March 28th, 2019 by Abhishek Acharya, Amit Raushan, and Shubham Baranwal, who were former classmates and roommates at the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Surveyaan is dedicated to advancing Industry Revolution 4.0.

Surveyaan: Transforming Drone Surveying

Foundational Year: The Journey Begins

In its first year, Surveyaan embarked on an exciting journey of innovation and exploration. Driven by their passion for technology and the desire to make a significant impact, Abhishek, Amit, and Shubham devoted their efforts to meticulously developing and refining their drone products. For validation, they actively sought feedback from industry experts, eager to gather constructive input that would fuel their relentless pursuit of improvement.

Founders of Surveyaan
Founders of Surveyaan

Pivoting Strategy: Adapting to Market Needs

As the team delved deeper into the drone industry, they realized that fully autonomous drones were not yet widely embraced by the market. Undeterred, Surveyaan quickly adjusted its business strategy, recognizing an opportunity to address a pressing need in the Indian market. They shifted their focus to creating affordable drones specifically tailored for MSME consultants, a segment that had long been neglected. With a strong commitment to innovation and accessibility, Surveyaan set out to design drones that could be operated effortlessly, even by a 10th-grade student.

Team Surveyaan
Team Surveyaan

Surveyaan’s vision extended beyond the drones

Surveyaan’s vision extended beyond the drones themselves; they aimed to build a comprehensive ecosystem around their technology. Understanding the importance of seamless data processing and analysis, Surveyaan took the lead in developing Surveyaan GeoWorkspace, an Indian-made cloud-based Drone Data Processing software, also known as Photogrammetry software. This software proved to be a game-changer, empowering users to derive valuable insights from drone-captured data with ease. The application can be accessed at app.surveyaan.com.

Surveyaan heading towards success and growth

In November 2020, Surveyaan secured its first client, marking the beginning of an impressive growth trajectory. By focusing on delivering value and surpassing client expectations, Surveyaan rapidly gained recognition within the industry. Their commitment to affordability, user-friendliness, and cutting-edge technology resonated with clients across various sectors, resulting in a steady stream of projects and partnerships.

Milestones achieved by Surveyaan

As Surveyaan celebrates its 5th anniversary in March 2024, the company reflects on its journey with great pride. Having served nearly 200 clients and surveyed over 400,000 acres of land, Surveyaan has firmly established itself as a trusted and renowned name in the industry. With over 30,000 flights and a massive 32 terabytes of securely stored data in their cloud, Surveyaan’s impact is undeniable.

Future Goals set by Surveyaan

As Surveyaan looks towards the future, the team remains steadfast in their commitment to innovation, excellence, and driving positive change. Guided by Industry Revolution 4.0, Surveyaan is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of drone technology, empowering businesses and industries to thrive in the digital age.

Visit company website for more details about Surveyaan.

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