“Mirror Image Man” Piyush Goel write books in Mirror Image

Piyush Goel by profession he is a Mechanical Engineer but by passion, he is Mirror Image Man, Cartoonist, Local Cricket Umpire, has completed 16 Books in Mirror Image written with different Objects like Pen, Needle, Mehandi Cone, Carbon Paper, Fabric Cone Liner, Iron Nail and with Wooden Pen on Magic Sheet. Piyush Goel has many records to his name that can place him in the Top 10s Only list of book writers. His crown jewel is being the author of the World’s First Handwritten Needle Book Madhushala.

Mirror Image Man Piyush Goel write books in Mirror Image
“Mirror Image Man” Piyush Goel write books in Mirror Image

We will discuss about the five books written by Piyush Goel

  1. ShreeMad Bhagwad Gita
  2. Madhushala
  3. Panchtantra
  4. Gitanjali
  5. Piyush Vaani.

1.Mirror Imaged Shree Mad BhagvadGita book written with Pen

Piyush Goel has unique art, he can write words in mirror images. Piyush Goel can write words in mirror images in two languages Hindi and English. He has completed “World First Mirror Image Book Shreemad BhagvadGita”, all 18 chapters, 700 verses in two languages Hindi and English. Besides all of these he has completed “Shree Durga Sapt Satti” in Sanskrit Languages, Shree Sai Satcharitra in two languages Hindi and English, Sundar Kand (two times).

Mirror Imaged Shree Mad BhagvadGita by Piyush Goel

2. Book written with the help of Needle “Madhushala”

To read a book in front of a mirror, reading then mirror very hard. People asked Piyush to read your mirror-imaged books, the mirror is necessary, he replied “Yes”.After a lot of thinking an idea stuck in his mind “Why should I not write a book with Needle. Then he started writing “Madhushala”, a book of Harbans Rai Bachchan, father of Amitabh Bachchan, Legend of Indian Cinema, now no need of Mirror. (Mirror image but no need for mirror).

Book written with the help of Needle -  Madhushala

3. Book “Gitanjali” written with Mehndi Cone

Piyush always thinks “DO SOMETHING NEW”, because of this thinking, he makes a project and works on it. Whenever he has spare time and brings out the work at the end and this is the result of “Gitanjali” a book of Noble Literate Rabindra Nath Tagore, completed with the help of Mehndi Cone.

Book Gitanjali written with Mehndi Cone

4. Book “Piyush Vani” written with the help of Iron Nail

Imagination and Creativity bring new things to the world, Piyush started writing “Piyush Vani” one of his own published book, written on A-4 size Aluminium Sheet with the help of “Iron Nail” ( Mirror image but no need of mirror).

Book Piyush Vani written with the help of Iron Nail

5. Book “Panchtantra” with the help of Carbon Paper

Recently Piyush Goel completed Vishnu Sharma’s “Panchtantra” 5 tantras, 41 stories with the help of Carbon Paper, on one page both the words(mirror/non-mirror) appeared in front and in the reverse. (Mirror image but no need for mirror).

Apart from these masterpieces, Piyush has penned other literary gems. His award-winning book “Sochana too Padega hi”, is a book of his own 110 Motivational Thoughts which is used as a source of inspiration for start-up businesses in India.

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