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Best blogging tips for beginners in India

What are the best blogging tips for beginners in India?

Blogging has evolved over the years. It is no longer only a hobby for people, rather it has become a profession and a source of income for many. People nowadays are taking it as a mainstream job and are trying to monetize it. 

Over time, the number of blogs on the internet is increasing. There are over 600 million blogs on the internet. Bloggers and content writers are consistently looking at new ways to attain success. When you begin with blogging, the best way to start is through taking valuable insights from experienced and famous bloggers. 

With over 78 million new posts published every month, there is fierce competition in this market. Hence, it is essential to become better writers and be against the competition. Moreover, when you are just starting out, you will have to walk that extra mile to ensure that your content stands out. 

While, there are no definitive right ways to ace it, but you can follow the advice from the ones who have successfully been through this journey. If you are a new blogger in India, read further as we talk about a few of the best blogging tips to help you get started.

Before we begin with the blogging tips, it is essential to frame a strong base about blogging. 

What is blogging?

Blogging is an activity carried out to express thoughts and share knowledge on a particular topic. You can talk about any field that interests you by creating your own blog. A blog is a series of articles or posts containing text, images, or videos. 

Writing is a combination of art and science. Just having the passion for writing is not enough if you want to monetize from the blog. To earn and make blogging your full-time profession, you will have to cover and master various things like carrying out research, content writing, search engine optimization, advertisements, promotions, etc.

What should you blog about?

You can blog about anything. Literally anything! For most people, it is like writing a daily diary, or just penning down their experiences. You can blog about interesting life incidents, travel stories, food recipes, movie reviews, or anything that fascinates you.

The idea is that you should be passionate about the topics that you write content on. However, when you select the niche, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get traffic and long-term readers on your blog. We will talk about it more later in the article.

Best blogging Tips for beginners

The accessibility to blogs has led to an increased number of people using them. According to 99 Firms, 34% of bloggers have been blogging for less than one year. This indicates that it is really easy to start a blog. However, only the best ones manage it for the long-term and succeed.

Along with having determination and consistency, these are a few tips that every new blogger should follow. 

  1. Have patience 

For starters, anyone who wants to become a pro blogger should have a passion for writing and an interest in an area. Along with passion, having patience is also necessary. Know that if you want to make blogging your profession, it is a long-term journey. You will not be able to start making money in a day or a week. 

Do not commit the mistake of thinking of blogging as a quick and easy money making method. You will have to put in efforts, wait for them to convert, and then check the results. The best way to go forward is by developing sure-shot strategies for your blog. Do not get discouraged, if you don’t make money immediately. Remember that quitting is not an option. Have patience towards your passion. 

  1. Select a niche

With the high number of bloggers around, you are aware of the fierce competition existing. An approach to cut short the competition is to start a blog in a particular niche. Based on your interests and through market research, select a specific niche for your content to revolve around. Ensure that the category you select for your blog should excite you and should be worth sharing with the audience as well. 

What is a niche? In terms of blogging, it basically means to focus on a single topic and become an expert in it. For example, if you are writing about Food, be more specific by talking only about desserts or baking. If you are starting a blog on traveling, stick to talking about one country. 

The idea is to be specific when you begin your blogging journey to attract more views. Later, once start getting more traffic, you can widen the scope and cover more topics under the same umbrella. Most popular bloggers operate in a specific niche to gain traction.

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  1. Outline a proper blog plan

Once you select a niche on the basis of what most people search about, define your objectives. Frame a strategy that will align with your content and help you achieve those objectives. As advised by Stephen Convey, ‘begin with the end in mind’. When you are starting off with something new, set a direction through a plan. 

Some points that most famous bloggers consider in their planning are deciding the number of articles they will post in the month (which is content scheduling), doing keyword research, and creating platform-specific social media content for promotions.

Convert all the things to be done in form of a procedure. Make a timeline for each activity involved in the procedure. This is will ensure productivity and consistency for you. For example, if you have a promotions strategy devised, plan a plan and follow it every time you post a new article. Remember, the ideal scenario is where you stick to that plan and follow it religiously. 

  1. Frame social media strategy

Relying on search engines to get organic traffic to your blog is no longer the most effective way to optimize it. Promoting your posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, will help you get a wider reach. 

Attracting traffic from social media can prove to be more effective than getting referrals from Google. However, that does not mean that the traffic will come instantly. You will have to make your social media game strong. Start being active on your social media and put engaging content to build a sustainable relationship with your followers. 

Apart from getting more readers, traffic from social media also helps improve your blog’s ranking on the search engines. Hence, invest time and efforts in building social visibility to easily attract more readers and to eventually make money.

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  1. Track down your competitors

Check out the top bloggers in your niche or see the content of the most popular blogs in your niche. You ultimately want to replicate their success to make more money. It is easy to do this, just go on Google and search for articles on your topic. You can also go to a famous blog and check out their ‘popular blogs’ section. 

Along with the content, check the keywords that they are trying to rank by seeing the URL and headings. For a more data-driven and reliable approach use online tools like Ubersuggest or MOZ to see the keywords used and the posts getting them the most traffic. Using this method you can give good content ideas to build a blog post on.

Common blogging mistakes

While now you are aware of the must-dos to become a good blogger. Below mentioned are the things that you should avoid when blogging:

  • Having your blog on a free website
  • Selecting a bad web hosting company
  • Ignoring the power of social media to get reach
  • Choosing a broad and vague niche instead of a specific niche
  • Not investing in software, tools, and courses for enhanced work experience
  • Not focusing on building an email list

Remember that your blogging journey is not only about putting out content regularly but about the whole process involved. As a beginner, for you, the learning curve is steep with a long-term vision.


Blogging can prove to be hard and a tedious process in the beginning. You need to do research, write content, maintain a website, promote articles, check analysis, do networking, etc. However, you are not alone in this journey. There are many bloggers who have just begin or are learning from experience. 

The best way to deal with this through gaining as much knowledge as you can about your field and by maintaining consistency. 

By following these tips religiously, you can go from being a beginner to a pro blogger. Remember that there are no short cuts to success. Working hard, providing quality content, and maintaining consistency with other efforts is the only way to go forward.

Now get online with your blog and write with your heart. Remember that you could easily be one of India’s top bloggers. It is just a matter of your time, dedication, and efforts. Happy blogging!

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