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Best Blogging Niches in India to Blog on

What are the best blogging niches in India to blog on? Are you looking for the answer of this question then you came at the right place.

The decision of starting a blog is easier compared to spending hours pondering on what you should write on. The thousands of ideas coming in your head just add on to the confusion. You will have many interests, and selecting one will prove to be a challenge for you. However, to sustain in this competitive space of blogging and to reach your specific target audience, selecting a niche to operate in is necessary.

When you create content for a selected field, the chances that you will attract more readers and get more opportunities are high. All you have to do is target the right niche to hit that path to success. 

Selecting a niche for your blog helps you with planning for your content too. You know the subject matter around which you have to create most of your content. Therefore, even your keyword research will be based on the niche you target. Once you start writing about a particular niche, your readers and the search engines will treat you as an authority in the field. Good rankings result in higher traffic to the blog. 

If you are seeking to be a professional blogger, it is crucial for you to go through this step. Choose a niche which is high in demand. Use the Google keyword tool and figure out the keywords that people are most searching for. The key is to operate in a niche, where there is high search volume and low competition.

Best Blogging Niches in India to Blog on
Best Blogging Niches in India to Blog on

If you have realized the importance of choosing a niche, read this article as we present to you a list of best blogging niches in India to blog on. 

Best Blogging Niches in India to Blog on

1. Health and Fitness

Nowadays, people are getting cautious about their health and fitness. Everyone is focusing on leading a healthy life and building strength. While millions of people are also seeking the internet for resolving their health-related queries. Every time there is suspicion related to health, before visiting the doctor, people tend to search about it on Google. Therefore this niche has a high volume of traffic. In India, this is a less competitive space for blogging, hence huge scope for you.

2. Jobs and Career

A popular topic in India, there are a lot of searches about career and jobs related matter on a daily basis. While there are other blogs that talk about how to make your CV better, content to include in your cover letter or the most asked questions in a job interview, etc, this is still an untapped space. Low competition and high search results are suitable characteristics for this niche. Optimize the potential of this niche, and you can become an authority by providing value.

3. Finance 

Banking and Finance is a very common topic discussed in India. However, not a lot of people write blogs about it. You can build your blog around this topic, lakhs of people search about finance solutions. Focus on writing about how to stock trade, invest in the forex market or cryptocurrency, etc. If you want to get more specific, talk about personal finance on your blog. It is essential to keep your content fresh and up to date. It has a high earning potential, as monetization channels pay huge amounts to bloggers in this niche.  

4. Sports

India is a highly sports-centric nation where sportstars are idolised. This provides a large market for you to cater to. The range of topics available in this niche are endless and you can choose a few of them to make your content more personalised for your target readers. You can specialise in writing about comprehensive topics such as particular sports or tournaments (eg. IPL) or about specific topics that might include more research such as detailed analysis of a topic within a sport ( wicketkeepers in Indian cricket). The market for sports blogs in India is relatively untapped. If you are interested in sports, this is an excellent niche for you to target. 

5. Technology

The world is shifting to the digital mode, as we are a developing nation, talking about technology remains evergreen in the Indian market. Start a blog around laptops or mobile phones, basically on any specific technology e.g. Iphone hacks, Android updates, the best apps, etc. Monetization networks give maximum pay per click to bloggers who choose this nice. This is a very popular niche which does have high competition, hence, draft unique and engaging content. 

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6. Automobile 

India is a nation of youths with a passion for cars and motorbikes. In India, a lot of cars are launched every year and is considered a good market for every segment of the car. With the sparkling curiosity in people of the nation, the keywords of this niche are searched quite often on the internet. Start a blog on the automobile niche, people searching about this are willing to spend money, you can go for affiliate marketing or make money through ads. This niche surely has a huge audience to cater to.

7. Real Estate

Real estate is a booming sector in India, with more and more people interested in investing in real estate. A large proportion of people use the internet to gain information and opinions about this sector. You can leverage this by creating a platform for people to obtain real-time news about the upcoming localities in a city or investment-worthy projects. However, this requires a certain degree of knowledge and awareness as this sector in India is extremely dynamic. This niche has a huge audience looking for credible information and opinions, which makes it a tempting area to dive-in to.

Look for a niche of your interest, brainstorm the topics. Achieving success in blogging is a long-term process, therefore, select a niche that you are passionate about; your ultimate goal is to produce quality content to drive more traffic. Another essential point to keep in mind is that your niche should also be profitable. To monetize your blog, offer something unique to kill the competition.

All the niches suggested in this article are timeless and have a higher shelf-life; start with your research now and build your own blog.
Happy blogging!

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  • I do sports and entertainment, what do you think about my niche? Anyways, informative blog!

    • The entertainment niche is always rocking, but it requires consistent efforts than other niches because it is the most competitive niche in the world I would say.
      Increase the traffic and earn through the AdSense + Sponsored Posts.

  • These are the most dominating blogging niches in India specially jobs & career. Great info, thanks for sharing this. Keep it up!

  • I started this blog on money niche but i think because of how easy to rank for the second niche am going to make a switch.


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