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Bangalore Startup Sustainiam Launches ECal, a Groundbreaking Emissions Tracking Solution to Combat Climate Change

Bangalore Startup Sustainiam Launches ECal

Bangalore, India – As climate change accelerates, driven by industrialization, carbon emissions have skyrocketed from 4.86 billion metric tons in the mid-20th century to nearly 38 billion metric tons in 2023. Addressing this urgent issue, Bangalore-based startup Sustainiam has developed ECal, an advanced technology platform to accurately track and report greenhouse gas emissions.

Quantifying emissions not only holds us accountable but also brings us closer to combating climate change and fostering sustainability goals.

Sapna Nijhawan, Founder and CEO of Sustainiam
Sapna Nijhawan, Founder and CEO of Sustainiam
Sapna Nijhawan, Founder and CEO of Sustainiam

ECal – Emissions Tracking Solution to Combat Climate Change

Sustainiam’s ECal platform complies with global sustainability and emissions reporting standards, including BRSR, ESG, GHG, CBAM, GRI, SBTi, CSRD, ISCC, and LEED.

Emissions tracking offers three key advantages, crucial for transitioning to sustainable energy and meeting social responsibilities:

  • Identifies pollution sources and tracks emissions from all activities, including vendor activities, via API integration.
  • Reduces the risk of fines or legal issues with frameworks like the GHG Protocol.
  • Guides improvement efforts, allowing businesses to manage their carbon footprint.

ECal provides a seamless user experience through its web interface, offering in-depth visibility on greenhouse gas emissions data with robust API integration. It features a strong reporting mechanism ensuring compliance with traceability and audit standards.

ECal tracks carbon emissions across all scopes: Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (purchased electricity, steam, heating, cooling), and Scope 3 (all other indirect emissions in the value chain).

ECal’s emissions insights are based on the latest scientific data and methodologies from global authorities, including GHG Protocol, EXIOBASE, eco invent, Defra/BEIS, EPA, UBA/GEMIS, ADEME, UNFCCC, World Resources Institute, and ICAO. ECal integrates easily into any company’s ecosystem with its REST API capabilities.

Following the successful launch of ECal, Sustainiam plans to expand its offerings to include a comprehensive suite of sustainability products and services, accelerating the fight against climate change.

Visit the website to learn more about ECal – www.sustainiam.com/ecal

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