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Hamlet Roy: A mind with great idea and dedication, which converted MyTravaly into reality

When there is a long holiday, what do people think of? Traveling. When office pressure makes you dull, what do people need? Traveling. For small celebrations, what do people prefer? Traveling. Isn’t the travel and tourism industry the go-to place for everyone? India has ample domestic as well as foreign tourist every year. And so, MyTravaly Worldwide ventured into the industry as a new ray of hope in the year 2019. Build from the ground, the company focuses on eliminating all the problems a traveler faces.

Meet Hamlet R, the CEO and Founder of MyTravaly

With significant experience in the travel industry, Hamlet has a history of social work. His own experience made MyTravaly a reality. He observed how there are several layers involved while making a booking and why they are too costly. He is still thinking big about his passion for travel.

Hamlet R, - the CEO and Founder of MyTravaly
Hamlet R, – the CEO and Founder of MyTravaly

His dreams have a deep sense of purpose. The purpose is to nurture future youth leaders into peacemakers. What exactly is what innovators are, they convert their dreams into reality and smile within their hearts as they look at it from a distance. He has a passion to create organizations that would transform human existence.

“The common structure of hotel booking is too complicated as many players are involved in the process, such as hotel networks, online aggregator, channel manager connecting company, marketing agency, and more. The ultimate result is higher booking price for rooms, which is paid for the customers,” says Hamlet, founder and CEO of MyTravaly.

A Law Graduate’s journey has been full of ups and downs. From a social worker to establishing the International Travel Empire and Travelers’ closed community, bridging the gap was not easy for him.

Everything you need to know about MyTravaly

As Hamlet R always says that the community serves for eliminating all the problems a traveler faces, MyTravaly now stands as an extremely successful problem solver. Today, the platform has expanded its business horizons by providing a reliable and seamless way of booking a comfortable stay. The community is much more than the hotel booking platform. It caters to serve travel-lovers and makes a base for people who are associated with travel the domain. 

The idea of MyTravaly came when Hamlet found it uneasy to rent hotels and manage the increasing costs. His immediate thought was how he can act as a bridge between the travelers and hoteliers and make the process of booking hotels easier and reasonable. 

MyTravaly has reasonable charges which they take in the form of a subscription fee in return for the usage of a range of services offered by them to hoteliers. Services such as PMS, Channel Manager, Accounts Manager, HR Manager, Customer Relation Manager and others, are provided. 

After facing a few challenges and difficulties, MyTravaly now stands as an extremely successful problem solver. Today, the platform has expanded its business horizons by providing a reliable and seamless way of booking a comfortable stay.

MyTravaly also works on a section where the travelers can read other’s experiences through blogs, photographs, videos or podcasts. They also write blogs on different places in India to make travel plans much better. 

“The most exciting thing for me has been successfully building up MyTravaly’s closed community. All of this makes our customer dynamic and multifaceted, and we’re equally passionate about enhancing each one of their experiences and simultaneously work for others,” says, Hamlet R talking about his experience. 

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

The small but mighty team is led by Mr. Hamlet Roy (Founder and CEO of MyTravaly), who happens to be the genius behind the idea of MyTravaly. Under his leadership, the team has grown from a small unknown start-up to a powerful competitor giving the other travel tech companies a run for their money. They work with dedication and persistence and hope to build amazing products and turn the company into a truly global brand. The team makes sure to make today’s day better than the previous one and tries to be productive every morning. From a time period of past 3 years, the team has increased a number of employees and interns, who stand by each other in making MyTravaly a global name.

How the trials and tricks of pandemic didn’t stop us

“To survive the downturn, I emptied all my cash reserves and saving accounts, but they were not sufficient. I had to break my FDs, sell several shares, count on my properties, cut off salaries to the most loyal employees, and undergo many painful events just to keep MyTravaly’s business afloat,” shares Hamlet.

But I am glad that my company got through such a rough time.” – He added.

No one is unaware of how the pandemic has affected the world and when it comes to the travel and tourism industry; everyone has faced a major downfall.  But what matters more is how one fights with such a situation and gets back on their feet.

Heading towards success

Hamlet and his team didn’t stop and are still looking forward to adding hotels to their portals. By setting out offices in Singapore and Africa, MyTravaly is on a destined path to collaborate with hoteliers and travelers in Asia and Africa. 

The idea of best start-ups comes from the worst experiences and at MyTravaly the entire team works to make sure that the same experience does not happen to any other traveler. To become a global brand, we are very close to achieving our target to empower hoteliers and travelers through fresh ideas. 

Visit MyTravaly’s official website to find an Epic Stay. 

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