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UniqueSide by Manoj Ahirwar Helps Founders Launch Their MVP as Quickly as Possible

UniqueSide by Manoj Ahirwar, Empowering Entrepreneurs to Turn Ideas into Reality with MVP-focused Development Services

Manoj Ahirwar – founder of UniqueSide

In the fast-paced world of startups, time is of the essence, and getting a minimum viable product (MVP) to market quickly can make all the difference. Recognizing this crucial need, Manoj Ahirwar has launched UniqueSide, a pioneering software development company that specializes in helping founders bring their MVPs to life with speed and efficiency.

Turn Idea into Reality with UniqueSide. We will develop your MVP in 15 days and help you go to market fast before your competitors.

Manoj Ahirwar

When TechnoVans team asked about How Manoj has started MVP focused Development Company, UniqueSide – he has explained the idea and it’s execution:

I have been building products for a long time. Launched my first product back in 2015. and kept launching more product as I go.

My primary target was B2C products and I was offering completey free of cost.

During all this time I was also working full time in different companies and build many products. Along the way I noticed one thing, Many first time founders, wannabe founders used to come to me asking how could they start their product. They just had ideas but they don’t have the technical knowledge. and they don’t have enough to hire a team to do that.

The other problem Manoj observed is – cost for the founders to create MVP, most of the software agencies charge very high cost for just normal products and most of the founders can’t afford this at the initial stage. Hence, he wanted to do something along these lines. In July 2023, he left his job in Singapore and finally started UniqueSide to solve this problem.

UniqueSide Heading Towards Success

After starting UniqueSide in July, Manoj Ahirwar got his first customer in August. Till now they worked with 7 customers from USA, Singapore and launched products for them.

“In just 3 months we were able to generate more than $20K in revenue and now pushing UniqueSide.io in terms of marketing for the growth”, Manoj Ahirwar, founder of UniqueSide.

Follow Manoj Ahirwar on X ( formerly Twitter ) for more updates – @manoj_ahi

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