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25-year-old Parikshit Shah on the bed from birth helps his family

Parikshit Shah
Photo Credits: Parikshit’s Social Media Profile

Parikshit Shah, a resident of Panvel ( Navi Mumbai ), Physically disabled from the birth, passed the Ph.D. entrance exam in the first attempt. He has completed his education by lying down because of his disability.

Parikshit suffers from a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, which makes bones brittle and vulnerable. Parikshit Shah was born with a disease named Osteogenesis imperfecta (also known as brittle bones disease) which makes him physically disabled by 80%.

His bones are fragile, but his spirit is unbreakable.

Recently he passed the Ph.D. entrance exam in the first attempt. He has given the Ph.D. entrance exam in December 2018 on the Urben development subject.

Parikshit works late night on his laptop and smartphone, his mother Vijayalakshmi says to Maharashtra Times.

Parikshit is working as an Internet Marketing Consultant( Guide ) for politicians and Bollywood actors. He came into the focus when he has given his SSC exam by lying down with a pillow to support his head. He came into focus in media at the time of SSC and HSC exams, but later on, he was not in focus because he was focusing on his goals.

Parikshit loves blogging. Reading is one of his hobbies, he also shares the book reviews through his blog. He has around 4624 followers on twitter ( @imparixit )

Today he is the owner and founder of Eerlik Media company, provides Internet Marketing Services.

The success story of Parikshit Shah inspired many people, hence we at TechnoVans also tried our best to share his story so that people can get motivation from him.

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10 thoughts on “25-year-old Parikshit Shah on the bed from birth helps his family

  • What an incredible young man! An inspiration for sure!

    • TechnoVans Staff

      Thank you Angel!

  • A great example of the fact that we are only limited by that we allow to define us – we have the power to overcome anything if we really set our minds to it. Congratulations to Parikshit not only for all that he has accomplished but also for the example that he has set for each and every one of us!

    • TechnoVans Staff

      Yes Britt, disability is a state of mind and he proved that. I am proud of him. I am lucky that he is in my contact, I talked with him once on call. I got a huge inspiration from him personally! Parikshit

  • That’s so awesome that he found something that makes him happy and that he is super successful at. It makes me feel inspired to work harder toward my goals.

    • TechnoVans Staff

      Thanks for expressing your feelings here.
      Glad to hear that people got inspired from Parikshit’s motivational Story! The story of Parikshit is really inspirational for all of us. Lots of love for Parikshit.

  • What a remarkable young man! I’m glad he’s found what he enjoys doing. Thank you for sharing his story!

    • TechnoVans Staff

      Thank you Cindy! Parikshit Shah, resident of Mumbai ( Maharashtra, India ) getting lots of love from US!
      Your comments are really valuable for us.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Vanesh M
      Founder of TechnoVans

  • Chris Kosto |

    Such an inspiring & motivational story. It proves how much inner strenght we have if we really want to achieve something! Great post!


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