The Story of Sudha Chandran – Despite physical disability, she became world class dancer

Disability is a state of mind, she proved it. Today we came up with the motivational story of Sudha Chandran. Despite physical disability, she became world class dancer!

Sudha Chandran - Classical Dancer
Sudha Chandran – Classical Dancer

Photo Credits- flickr

Sudha Chandran, the Indian actress and classical dancer, born in Kerala.

At the age of 16, she met with an accident. She was coming back from Madras with her parents, and they met the major accident that left Sudha Chandran with a fracture and some cuts.
Unfortunately, while treatment was going on her leg, doctors missed a small wound in her ankle and plastered it! Later she came to know that the the gangrene is spreading throughout the leg. Whenever gangrene develops in the body, the body part has to be amputated to save the person’s life. Hence the difficult decision at this point she and her parents had taken is “amputate the leg”. Sudha’s leg was amputated in order to save her life.

Here amputate means to surgically remove a limb for medical reasons.

Her dream was to perform the dance at the international level! And because of this accident she couldn’t dance anymore, people thought.

She followed the rule “NEVER GIVE UP“. She put all her efforts and energy to walk with the help of the crutches.

The dreams never die

Six months after the amputation she came to know that Dr. Sethi from Jaipur, manufacturing artificial legs known as the ‘Jaipur Foot’. Here she gets more energy with the thought of “Dance on the stage with one artificial leg”. She has taken efforts to convince the parents to go to Jaipur and wear the artificial foot to practice the dance. Sudha knew that the artificial foot will be support to complete her dream to dance!
Fortunately, she was surrounded by people who believed in her, especially her parents and Dr. Sethi. She started the practice with artificial leg. Dr. Sethi gave Sudha rebirth!

First On Stage Performance with artificial leg

Sudha knew that she believed in herself and could fulfill her dream. After two years of dance practice with the ‘Jaipur Foot’, she performed on the stage at the “South India Welfare Society” of Mumbai. She performed well on stage like that there is no artificial leg. No doubt, received a standing ovation from audience. Her dad, he just touched her feet as a tribute to a great artiste!

Sudha Chandran - Dancing with amputated leg
Sudha Chandran – Dancing with amputated leg

Photo Credits- flickr

Sudha Chandran is now world-class dancer! She started her career with a Telugu biographical dance film Mayuri, which was based on her own life. She has achieved an identity as an Indian film and television actress and an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer.

Sudha is an inspiration to many!
The most important thing can be learnt from her life, it is to “NEVER GIVE UP”.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) about Sudha Chandran

Question: Who is Sudha Chandran?
Answer: Sudha Chandran is an Indian Bharatanatyam dancer and actress who appears in Indian television and films. In 1981, at the age of 16, she hurt her leg in a road accident while coming back from Madras with her parents.

Question: When did Sudha Chandran started her career?
Answer: She started her career in 1984 with Telugu film Mayuri. The film, Mayuri, was based on her own life and it was dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam.

Question: Who is Sudha Chandran’s husband?
Answer: Ravi Dang is the husband of Indian dancer Sudha Chandran. Sudha Chandran married assistant director Ravi Dang at the Chiranagar Murugan Temple in Chembur. The couple however does not have any children and have been living their lives happily together for more than 29 years now ( as of 2023 ).

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19 thoughts on “The Story of Sudha Chandran – Despite physical disability, she became world class dancer

  • Such a sad beginning, but a wonderful ending! The whole story is a great lesson in never giving up and overcoming obstacles. I had never heard of this woman, but am glad you wrote about her so I now know about her and her perseverance.
    This is wonderful!

    • Thank you for appreciating my efforts to construct the story.
      The story of Sudha Chandran is really inspirational!

  • Grit, drive and determination give us the power to overcome so much if we simply listen to our hearts and follow our passions. This is a great example of how one’s passion can motivate you to overcome great odds.

    • Yes, Britt!
      Sudha Chandran is great inspiration for all of us.

    • The learning from Sudha Chandran’s Story is “NEVER GIVE UP”

      Thank you for the comment, Nyxie!

  • This story is a great reminder of staying determined and chasing our dreams. Sometimes we complaint about such small crippling situations in life and make excuses of not doing something. We fail to realize where there is a true will, even such big disabilities are nothing! Thank you for sharing.

    • Welcome Divya! Thanks for the comment!
      Sudha Chandran’s Story is really inspirational!

  • Great blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours these days. I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

    • A story about staying determined and chasing our dreams despite all the obstacles.
      What happen to the doctor.
      Thank for sharing.

      • Thank you Nafisa for reading and commenting!
        Sudha Chandran’s story is a motivation.

  • Chris Kosto |

    This is really inspiring & motivational. She’s a perfect example to remind us the inner strenght we have!

    • Thank you, Chris, for your valuable comment! Sudha Chandran’s story is really inspirational for all of us.

  • I read her story during my school days. And this blog post once again reminded me of what, a strongly determined and ahard working person can achieve . She really is an inspiration to everyone of us.

    • Yes, she is really an inspiration for all of us!
      Thank you for your kind words!

  • This serves as an inspiration to many persons with disabilities! Thanks for sharing her story 🙂


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