The Google Plus buttons are no more functional

Google Plus is going to shutdown on 2nd April 2019. The buttons Login using Google Plus will not be functional after 2nd April 2019.

Google Plus

Google has confirmed that Google Plus (Google+) would be shutting down on 2nd April 2019.

Users using Google Plus should take their data before the shutdown date. Google Photos will not be deleted. The other Google accounts linked will not get affected like Gmail, Youtube, Blogger accounts will be there as it is.

After April 2 the Login using Google Plus buttons will not be functional. None of the apps will be able to login using Google Plus.

Why Google closing the Google Plus ( Google+ ) Platform ?

The main reason behind the decision of shutting down the Google Plus is:
Its engineers found the APIs to be “challenging to develop and maintain.”

After 2nd April 2019, Google will delete all the content including photos, videos and posts from your Google+ account. So download and take backup of your all important data before 2nd April 2019

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