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My Blogging Experience – Blogging Income of first six months

I would love to share my 6 months of blogging experience in this post. I have started TechnoVans at the start of the year 2019.

My Blogging Experience by Vanesh - Founder of TechnoVans
My Blogging Experience by Vanesh – Founder of TechnoVans

TechnoVans was not a Blog but the static website for a year

I have started the TechnoVans blog with the aim of providing helpful information about Blogging, SEO, Startup Ideas, Business Growth, Motivational Real stories, etc. I was not having any purpose of earning through this blog. Honestly, I had purchased this domain, in August 2018, just for a static website ( I was planning to launch my own IT company ). But I thought this was not the right time to do it. So after a year I decided to make TechnoVans as my blog.

Before TechnoVans, I was having that much blogging knowledge and experience with Blogspot blog, but that blog was not that much professional.

I have shared my blogging journey in this post: How I Started Blogging

Today, I am going to share my blogging experience, earnings, blogging tips, etc. You may find this post bored. I promise all my readers that whatever I am sharing in this post is 100% TRUE.

If you would love to read the posts about the bloggers who earn lakhs of rupees/dollars in a few months then this post is not for you. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. You can not become rich in one night using blogging.

So I have started TechnoVans blog in Jan 2019. One of my best ( published in Feb 2019 ) post which got a love/traffic from my readers was about Zero Investment Business Ideas.

Google AdSense Approval

After writing a few posts ( 12-13 ), I applied for Google AdSense. And you will not believe, it got approved in an hour. Yes. Why it got approved in an hour because I was having experience of Google Adsense complicated policies when I was running my BlogSpot blog.

On the basis of my blogging experience, I have written the post on Tips to get approval for Google AdSense.

Google AdSense income

My Google AdSense income is negligible because I don’t put that much ads on my blog to make my blog more user-friendly. This is true that users don’t love the ads on your blog. If you want more income using Google AdSense for your blog then increase the traffic to your blog. Your blog must have at least 1000 visitors daily.

My Google AdSense income is approx $36.

TechnoVans is having 700 to 1000 daily visitors. I want to clear one thing honestly here that I am a full-time employee of one of the IT company, working as a Senior Software Engineer. I don’t get that much time to focus on the TechnoVans. So I try my best to make it a quality blog. I write 1-2 posts once in 2-3 weeks, depends on my job schedule.

Different experiments on TechnoVans Blog

I have tried different things on my blog. First I focused on writing the posts on Blogging Tips and SEO Tips, and these posts performed well. Each one of my posts got love from my readers. Second, I focused on sharing Startup Stories with my Indian readers. After starting sharing startup stories on TechnoVans, I got inquiries regarding REQUEST FOR SPONSORED POSTS.


Here my earning starts! I earn money from the SPONSORED POSTS published on TechnoVans

The total income I have earned as of now is around Rs. 1300. I know this is not that much big amount, but as I earlier said, I have not started this blog for money. Blogging is one of my hobbies and I am enjoying it.

Startup founders or concern people related to the respective startups are interested in publishing their startup stories on TechnoVans because of the high traffic.

I write SEO friendly blog posts, experiment lots of things related to SEO and analyze the outputs. I love the Yoast SEO plugin, and I recommend WordPress bloggers to use it for on-page SEO.

Affiliate Program – NO INCOME

I tried affiliate program of Amazon, but I didn’t focus on that much hence my Amazon Affiliate account get closed in six months. And I don’t regret it, because I don’t want to focus/do many things at a time.

I repeat I haven’t started TechnoVans for money, but for a hobby.

I will keep sharing Blogging Tips, SEO tips, Blogging Money tips, Startup Stories, Motivational REAL stories, startup ideas, etc. Though I am not having the money purpose but I will not reject any best offer 🙂 I promise, I will think about TechnoVans readers before publishing anything on TechnoVans.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my blogging experience and blogging income which I shared with my 100% honesty 🙂

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Stay tuned!!! Happy Blogging!

I welcome your ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment box or contact me through the contact page or email

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  • Nice story! Your blogging experience is motivational for bloggers like me. Thank you!

  • Helen

    great overview! congratulations.

  • Nice story overview, thanks and congratulations.
    I also have a blog: PHPKIDA I am happy to working on my Blog

    • Hi Mukesh, thanks for your valuable comment. Happy Blogging!!!


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