Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval Within a few Days

Almost every blogger wants his/her blog monetized. Google AdSense is the best ad network to earn money using blogging. Getting approval of Google Adsense for the blog is not an easy task nowadays but if you follow the tips given in this article then you will get Google AdSense approval for your blog within a few days.

Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval
Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval

Follow these tips to Get Google AdSense Approval:

1. Buy Custom domain ( like ). NO FREE DOMAIN

2. Use clean website design. Free theme is not a problem for Google Adsense. TechnoVans using FREE theme and yes we got an approval for Google AdSense.

3. Write unique content on the blog. NO COPY PASTE.

4. There should be NO broken links on your blog.

5. Your blog should have at least 15 blog posts published. Each blog post should have at least 300 words.

6. There should not be any page on your blog that having NO SENSE or DUMMY content( like Lorem ipsum…. )

7. Your blog posts should have enough traffic. Increase the traffic to your blog using the tips we provide in this blog post.

8. Make sure that your blog posts written SEO Friendly. Optimize your blog for SEO. Follow this guide to write SEO Friendly blog posts.

9. Every category should have at least 3 blog posts, so that there will be no category page with NO POSTS. If your blog have the pages with NO CONTENT, Google will consider it as Under Construction Blog and hence NO APPROVAL.

10. Blog domain must old at least 6 Months ( China and India ). This is NOT TRUE at all. TechnoVans got an approval within two months, because we follow all the rules and policies of Google AdSense.

11. NO PORN CONTENT. Strictly there should be no adult content.

12. NO OTHER PAID ADS. There should not be any other ads or affiliate links on your blog before approval.

13. If rejected, apply again with making required changes to your blog. NEVER GIVE UP.

TechnoVans was having 23 quality posts in 2 months, we applied for Google Adsense and within an hour we got an approval!
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Follow all above tips to Get Google Adsense Approval within few days.

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