Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas

Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas

You can start a business without an investment or minimal investment. Let’s see how we can start a business without investment or zero investment.

Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas

1. Writing

If you love to write, then you can earn a nice money. You can do Freelance writing. Write for a newspaper, Write something important that can be useful to your readers.

Important topics can be Financial Guidance, Career Guidance, Business Guidance, Historical, Social awareness, etc.

If you write a lot then you can publish your book. Your book can be of any type like Novel, Poetry.

Writing a Script for a movie or drama will generate a nice money for you. There are various platforms to earn a money like Write and Earn India

2. Teaching ( Tutor )

Teach others. Teaching or Tutoring can be best source of income for you if you love to teach or tutor. You can do this as a part time along with your current work.

If you are good at mathematics then take a tuition for students at your home or students home. Start with one student take some money of your teaching. Teach by heart!!!

You can also become online tutor. Tutor India is best platform to become a online tutor. Tutor India is free website and not takes any commission from tutors. You will get directly paid by Students!

3. Painting

You can sell your picture if you are a painter, that means you may have some kind of expenses / capital such as color, paper and other material.

But once you have a good reputation for your art, you can earn well from this business. You can make your art a business and there is nothing wrong in it.

Sell your Paintings Online and earn a money. Start Selling your Paintings Through a Pre-Built eCommerce Platform Provider and earn a nice money!

4. Reselling

Reselling has come to mainstream attention in the past few years. Now a days Reselling is trending. There are various product owners are available over a social media. You can connect with them. You don’t need to buy a product and resell, but you will be just mediator between the product owner and customer. For customer you will be seller.

You can earn a nice margin from reselling products!

5. Blogging

If you love to write, start a blogging. Blogging is nothing but writing online to help others to improve. Start writing about what you love about. Start Blogging and earn money using Google Adsense, affiliate programs.

If you are good in career guidance then start the blog about career guidance, your audience will be students or the employees just started their career or even the seniors also.

You don’t need a money to start a blog!

There are various platforms where you can start a blog and write a blog. You don’t need to be technical at starting, you don’t need to have knowledge of coding or programming. If you have the knowledge of coding or programming then it will be plus point!

Blogger: Blogger is tool or platform to create a blog and to write a blog.
WordPress: WordPress is another tool or platform to create a blog.

Blogger is very easy to use. If you are starting from zero, if you are not that much technical then start with Blogger.

To start with a Blog, you will need a “nice name” for your blog.

If you love to write about career guidance your blog name can be Career Guidance Guru. The name you choose will decide the URL of your blog.

Make Money using Blogging

Hope this article will give you some hints to start with your new journey as a startup.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas

  • An excellent round up of side hustle/business ideas! I’m currently trying my hand at writing and blogging, hoping it will pay off eventually 😀

    – Nxyie

  • Great zero cost business ideas. Now all you need is marketing know-how to get your business lots of clients!

  • Great list! I am doing blogging as a side gig for now and am really enjoying it.

  • You’ve got some great ideas here. All of which have serious potential as long as people are willing to put the time and energy in. They won’t pay out overnight, no one is going to reach instant success, but if you stick with it, they can build a promising income!

    • Yes Britt!
      At starting we don’t need investment in terms of money to start with these ideas. Implementaion of these ideas will lead to a success! I am trying out Blogging and my wife is trying out Painting! We both have started earning through these zero/low investment ideas.

  • Yes, these small ideas will generate a good amount of money.


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