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Kunal Chandiramani – Youngest Entrepreneur

Hello everyone, today we will introduce a 15-year-old entrepreneur who runs two tech startups. Kunal Chandiramani, the Student by day and entrepreneur by night.

Yes, you heard it right, Kunal is already running two cloud based tech startups. His interest towards everything tech is evidence of the influence of these serial tech entrepreneurs. He is the youngest person ever to be awarded 35under35 for his contribution.

Kunal Chandiramani
Kunal Chandiramani

Interview with Kunal Chandiramani

Tell us about yourself.

I have been running 2 companies along with attending High school, am a TEDx speaker and an international bestselling author. I grew up in Bhopal and attended school parallel to work in Bhopal until 3 weeks back when I decided to join boarding.

How will you introduce yourself in three words?

Keeping it real (trying to)

Tell us about your startups.

Kstar, allows anyone to sell online on their independent store, getting started in less than 5 minutes.
CompAcdemy allows learning anything new in less than 90 minutes from experts all around the world.

Whats your plan for further education?

Artificial Intelligence and international business at Stanford

What were the problems/challenges you faced to this date? how did you overcome them?

Being underestimated, how can a ‘9 year old’ start a company. My parents acted as the biggest support, helping me not let get affected by these outside forces pushing their way in.

What are the future goals for your startups?

KStar – allow literary anyone to sell online and not limit themselves to their local or even national market, give them a platform, unlike others, reasonably and easily to sell independently quickly and to open up new markets online for their goods via KStar.
CompAcademy – Change the way learning happens, lifelong, fun and routinely.

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What is ONE tip you will share with us to become a successful entrepreneur?

Go for lives and impacting and then earning, not solely earning money, do not be an entrepreneur if you want to earn money, be one if you want be create a change and make the world a better place, the commercials come in later.

What you will tell our audience so that they will get motivation from you? 

Believe in yourself then make everyone believe, but first, it’s your job to believe in yourself.

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