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CREATORSHALA – Mumbai based Startup creates an ecosystem for creators & influencers in India

CREATORSHALA – A New Way to Blog

CREATORSHALA – Mumbai based Startup creates an ecosystem for creators & influencers in India

Introduction to Creatorshala

Creatorshala is a Mumbai based start-up community of bloggers, Youtubers, content creators, influencers and every other type of creative content designer that has been working from the past few months to provide a platform in the field of content creation.

CREATORSHALA - Mumbai based Startup
CREATORSHALA – Mumbai based Startup

A place where you can share your content in any form and will get brand collaborations with brands from all over India. We all know that creators in different communities and fields have a different ball game altogether.

Beginning of an Era

The founder Mr. Himanshu Mittal, a young digital influencer, who influences society online as well as offline. In the year 2019, he endowed the stepping stone for a platform Creatorshala. The platform is all in one social media and brand connect platform for influencers, bloggers and all types of digital content creators. Where creators can make their complete profile in just a few clicks on Creatorshala. The complete profile consists of the creator’s past brand work along with Instagram connect and YouTube connect on the same profile as it helps them to showcase their work to brands in easy.

Work Profile 

Entrusting in the true might of the quote,

The most effective way to do, is to do it

Creatorshala comes with an ecosystem for influencers and creators working in many domains of the blogger’s community in the nation.  Currently, we have more than 7000+ content creators, who are using the platform in respect of presenting their all work on a single platform and connecting with brands. A platform that comes with multitudinous content options in which creators can get their content featured to seen by brands and creators. 

In short, the platform is bringing all creators and brands under one roof to help brands in promoting their product with the power of creators and helping creators in monetizing their content. Creatorshala has broadened its activities that include fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, food, travel, luxury, technology, music and much more. It also has its blogs in which we make success stories of creators known to less in respect of categories like beauty, fashion, lifestyle,  food, technology, etc. Creatorshala community will soon be organizing its meetup session with creators with name Chit chat with creators. 

With these multitudinous categories, it has helped us to achieve set goals of Creatorshala which has shown the standard of work and their enormous growth. 

Cheers to a new gateway with opportunities for creators. We’ll provide you with our best whilst you provide us with yours.

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12 thoughts on “CREATORSHALA – Mumbai based Startup creates an ecosystem for creators & influencers in India

  • I love the idea of this startup. What a great way for digital creators to connect!

    • Yes, I love this idea! Thank you for your valuable comment.

  • This is a great resource for creators from India! I wish everyone involved all the success.

  • That sounds like an amazing idea. How exciting, for both brands and creators. I think it’s a genius way to collaborate. I’m in the US, but if I were in India I’d certainly want to get involved with this collaborative social community. Cheers to everyone involved. I’m sure it will be a great hit.

    • Hi Lisa,
      CreatorShala is doing really great job by connecting brands and creators. This Startup will be super hit!

      Thank you for your valuable comment!

  • Chris Kosto |

    This sounds really helpful for content creators, great job mentiong it so more people can benefit!

  • Can a foreigner like me join Creatorshala online and monetize the content?


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