7 Best Profitable Business Ideas in India

We are in the process of IMPORTANT research on the Profitable Business Ideas in India. Go through the following best business ideas with low investment in India. We have provided some helpful guidelines to execute the business idea. These are some of the Best and Profitable Business Ideas in India with low investment.

Profitable Business Ideas in India
Profitable Business Ideas in India

7 Best Profitable Business Ideas in India

7 Best Profitable Business Ideas in India
7 Best Profitable Business Ideas in India

1. Food Trucks

Food truck business in India is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs whose passion is serving food. The food truck is basically a mobile service of serving food in various location.

Food Truck - Business Idea
Food Truck – Business Idea

The best business idea with low investment can be Food Trucks! If you have a small budget to start a business in India then this business idea is perfect for you. Why this business can be started with low investment is because you save a huge amount of restaurant space. Investment required to Start a Food Truck is much lesser than starting a small shop or restaurant.

Guidelines to start Food Business:

  • Choose the right Food Truck ( Vehicle )
  • Decide a menu
  • Buy the kitchen equipment and raw materials required in a food truck
  • Get legal licenses and permits.
  • Hire the staff/manpower
  • Decide on the staff uniform
  • Decide the Total investment
  • Market your business

If you plan well this business idea and execute it with proper actions then it will generate you a high income.

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2. Laundry Services

Laundry service is in high demand nowadays in India.

One of the best profitable business idea to execute is Laundry Services in India. if you target college students and bachelors then, the business will pick up fast and this business will grow.

Laundry Services - Business Idea
Laundry Services – Business Idea

Guidelines to start Laundry Services Business in India:

  • Decide and get the location for business
  • Decide the Total Investment for executing this business idea
  • Get all the required equipment like machines, cleaning solvents, detergents, Door hangers, etc.
  • Hire staff that are well versed in their jobs
  • Know your customers
  • Advertise your business

Laundry business is a comparatively new one in India, START this business and earn money.

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3. Cleaning Service

It is a small business idea with low investment. You just need the right business plan and best marketing strategy to get success in Cleaning Service business in India.

Cleaning Services - Business Idea
Cleaning Services – Business Idea

Guidelines to start Cleaning Service Business in India:

  • Decide the scope of the business i.e. commercial spaces or residential spaces
  • Make a plan of the services you want to provide
  • Decide the location for business
  • Pick a nice name for your business
  • Get insurance for your business
  • Get the required equipment
  • Hire workers for Cleaning service
  • Create a pricing structure for Cleaning services you provide
  • Promote your business and make it a brand

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4. Tea stall

Tea is the most common drink in India. Almost every Indian take it twice a day. Low Investment business idea. Easy to start the Tea stall business in any city in India. Tea Stall Business is one of the Profitable business ideas in India.

Tea Shop - Business Idea
Tea Shop – Business Idea

You required low investment for this business Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000. And the profit you can earn through the Tea Shop is Rs. 40,000 per month.

You can open your own tea stall or franchise. However, starting your own brand will give you the opportunity of future expansion.

Guidelines to start the Tea Stall in India:

  • Decide the Location, VERY IMPORTANT for the Tea Stall business.
  • Do a Market research about the COMPETITON in this business.
  • Decide the products you want to offer for customers like Tea, coffee, biscuits, etc.
  • Choose the name and LICENSE for your shop.
  • Focus on hygiene.

Chai Point is one of the brand TEA SHOP in India. Revenue of chai point is around 56 crores in 2016-2017. This company was found in 2010.

5. Tiffin service

Everyone needs food! Food Sector plays a major part in Indian Economy. You can start your own tiffin business and deliver tiffins to customers home/office. This business could turn into a good profit.

Guidelines to start Tiffin service Business in India:

  • Required a managed staff, cooks, etc
  • Required Food materials, vegetables, etc on a daily basis.
  • Plan your investment well for this business
  • Kitchen Setup
  • You will need a Gas Cylinder
  • Decide Tiffin service cost
  • Decide the service area ( customer location )
  • Start your business with a focus on a limited area
  • Decide the way of delivering the tiffins ( by bike or car or other )
  • Advertisement or serving free food initially for getting orders.

6. Juice Centers

One of the best business which can be started with low investment in India is Juice Centres. Juice Centers can be started nearby any health and fitness center, Gym, Hospital, morning walk route, etc. This is the best profitable business idea to implement.

 Juice Centers - Business Idea
Juice Centers- Business Idea

Guidelines to start the Juice Center:

  • Healthy juices
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Reasonable price ( Rs. 20-30 per glass is good enough. )
  • Keep Weight Machine, NewsPapers, Chairs, etc.
  • To boost sales and profits, additional items such as sandwiches, salads, and healthy snacks can also be added to the menu.

7. Baby Care Center

In developed cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Kolkata this business is skyrocketing.

Why this baby care center business is best in India?
In these developed cities in India Women also do jobs and they don’t have free time as their husband also engaged in a job. Very few baby care centers are available in India.

Baby Care Center -  Business Idea
Baby Care Center – Business Idea

Guidelines to start the baby care center in India:

  • Get a license for a baby care center
  • Find a good location
  • Decide the schedule of the opening and closing time, better if you keep it flexible.
  • This business is more suitable for the female. But male can also start this business, you have to hire a female employee for this.
  • Decide the services you want to offer, like, Babysitter provider, Baby single daycare service, a Baby playground where they can play and interact, etc.
  • Market your business through advertising in the newspaper, social media, personal meet with parents, etc.

If you enjoy spending time with children then this job will be a piece of cake, self-motivating, with never-ending enthusiasm.

These are the best Profitable Business Ideas in India. If you want to add other interesting and profitable business ideas, leave a comment below or reach out to us via our contact us page.

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  • I am from another country so I learned a few new things about yours. Thank you for that. Another service that may be of value is a food delivery service. Some people work with restaurants, food trucks, etc and deliver to those that may not have transportation or are able to get around. Or maybe a large company wants food for a business meeting but does not have time to pick it up. But then again, you may already have that?

    • Thank you Melissa for your valuable comment.
      Yes, I have mentioned 5th business idea in list is Tiffin service, that is one kind of Food delivery business.

  • What great ideas! Living in the U.S., I never would have thought of some of these! I love that you’ve given guidelines to get started as well as the ideas. Great read!

    • Thank you, I will write more on this by doing more research.

  • The best profitable business ideas that you have shared is really amazing and helpful for all of us. Subscribed your blog.


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