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Qwerty Thoughts: Best platform for books

The Gurugram-based startup, Qwerty Thoughts launched the first, a one-of-its-kind social reading, experience sharing, multilingual self-publishing platform and a complete ecosystem for books, early this year. 

The platform,, is now powered by AI, enabling readers to discover their next book using not just the title or genre. A book can be discovered using any entity- people, places, events, eras and more.

Every Book on Qwerty Thoughts is like a Reading Room

On Qwerty Thoughts, every book available on the website works like a reading room. Readers can read books with others as well as connect, discuss and share their experiences in real-time, even in every paragraph. It is similar to reading a book offline in a group and discussing it with others but without any geographical boundaries.

QT makes books come ‘alive’ by putting together the reading journey, experiences and knowledge of innumerable readers from across the world, all inside the book. This will let people who read next, relive those experiences.

“Technological innovation in the book industry is still at a very nascent stage and is slowly picking up momentum. We are here to catalyze this shift and redefine the way people read books,said Prateek Gupta, Co-founder, and CTO of Qwerty Thoughts.

“By using AI algorithms, and helping books reach the right audience, the main aim is to redefine the way books are read and benefit everyone in the book ecosystem: authors, readers, and publishers,” said Jasleen Khurana, Founder and Creative Head at Qwerty Thoughts.

Qwerty Thoughts Co-Founders Prateek Gupta and Jasleen Khurana
Qwerty Thoughts Co-Founders Prateek Gupta and Jasleen Khurana

“Authors will get the recognition, feedback and the money they deserve; publishers will get to cut their spends on distribution by almost 50%; readers will be able to search and buy the right books, with flexibility while paying and will also be able to connect, discuss and share their experiences while reading the book with people globally, thereby increasing the value they can derive from a book”, adds Jasleen.

Qwerty Thoughts – Heading towards Growth

QT has already garnered a lot of attention from people worldwide who are now coming daily to read, interact, socialize, sell and self publish books. Readers, authors, budding writers, publishers – everyone is now a part of the community at QT, which has been growing rapidly. 

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How does this work?

Find and choose a book you want to read or look for a book that you’ve already read. While reading the book, you can find people who have read that book in the past or are currently reading the same book. You can interact and discuss or simply leave your point of view and thoughts about what’s written.

The platform has a range of free books, as well as books that can be purchased. Users can either pay for the complete book in one go or pay as you read.
If reading together is not your cup of tea, then you are free to turn on the “anonymous” mode and just read without getting disturbed or noticed by others. Though you would still have access to see what others are discussing or have discussed in the past.

Readers can not only discover the latest books but also read free book summaries, previews, author insights and more. They can also interact with their favorite authors and follow their writing journey.

Best Platform for Authors

Authors can list, or publish their books, add previews, setup giveaways, share daily updates and build their fan base through regular engagement. They can also share their writing journey and work-in-progress right from the day they start writing. Sharing regular updates helps them to connect with their readers and develop a loyal fan base looking forward to reading their book as soon as it gets published.

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