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Startup Story of Kreative Palette – Wife gifts the domain name on birthday…

Today we came up with a new startup story. The Startup Story of Kreative Palette. The interesting and really motivational story proves the quote “behind every successful man there is a woman”. TechnoVans team has taken an interview with Kingshuk Bhattacharya, founder of Kreative Palette. TechnoVans team would like to share this Startup Story of Kreative Palette with you all so that you can get some motivation towards implementing your startup idea.

Startup Name: Kreative Palette
Founders: Kingshuk Bhattacharya & Paromita Deb Bhattacharya

Founders of Kreative Palette
Founders of Kreative Palette

Tell us about your education and experience.

I am an alumni of the Government College of Art & Craft Kolkata. I completed my MVA from there in the year 2009 and after that, I have worked with various companies as a freelancer before joining Diligence Technologies as a Graphic Designer in the year 2011. After that, I have worked with some reputed schools in Kolkata like Delhi Public School Ruby Park as an Art & Craft Teacher. Presently I am associated with the New Town School Kolkata.

My true passion lies in exploring various aspects of creativity and promoting everything that deals with creativity. Through Kreative Palette, I want to reach out to more and more people who appreciate creativity.

Tell us about your startup, what products/services provided by your startup?

Kreative Palette is an online branding and advertising agency that truly believes in the power of creative representation. Kreative Palette was born in the year 2018 and within a year we have been able to make a mark in the online branding world. We provide a wide range of services that includes Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Website Development, Mobile App Development. We also conduct workshops on art & craft and digital marketing.

Why the name Kreative Palette ?

The name “Kreative Palette” is actually kept by my wife Paromita. It was during my birthday, she wanted to gift me something unique, so she gifted me a domain name which was “Kreative Palette”. She wanted me to explore my passion for creativity and reach out to more and more people online so she chose this name. While she kept the spelling of “Creative” as “Kreative” because the initial of my name is ‘K’. So this whole business idea is my wife’s gift to me. Which is indeed the best birthday gift I could have ever wanted.

How did you come up with this idea? and how much effort you have taken to implement it?

As I mentioned, this business is the brainchild of my wife Paromita, who is also Co-founder of the company. We both are very passionate about online branding and marketing. We want to break the monotony in branding and ensure to give creative edge to every brand.
In order to achieve something great you definitely need to work hard and ensure you are highly dedicated towards your work.

How much money did it require to start Kreative Palette?

We started this business with practically zero investment. Where all we needed is our laptop and internet connection. With time, we are diversifying our business and making investments as needed.

How much was your first income? How(where) you have used/invested it?

Our first income was Rs 3000/-. We used this amount for promoting our business on Facebook.

How do you manage your time in a day? Please give us detail about your daily routine.

My day usually starts at 5: 30 AM. The first thing I do is check my emails and client messages and respond to them accordingly. As I am also associated with a school, so I can dedicate my time to my work after 5 PM. So from 5: 30 PM till 12: 30 AM I ensure my clients can connect with me for any requirement and feedback or suggestion. In the morning, mostly my wife ensures she is available for any kind of client requirement and consultation. So we both collectively ensure that our clients get the quickest response from us.

What were the problems/challenges you faced to this date? how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge is time management. But with our mutual effort, we ensure this problem is also dealt with utmost sincerity and our client’s project should not be hampered due to the difficulties faced by us.

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

One of the biggest reasons for our clients to choose us over our competitors is our honesty towards our work. We do not believe in making false commitments and showing a flowery picture to any client. So the clients that we get are genuinely convinced with the achievable targets that we set for their branding and advertising.

Do you have a website for your business? If Yes, How do you manage your website?

Yes, we do have our website This website is maintained by our associate team of developers.

How do you promote your product/services?

We mostly believe in online branding that involves organic promotion through various social media channels and also using Facebook & Google Ads. For us, word of mouth and goodwill have also played a huge role in helping us to grow our business.

What are the future goals for your firm Kreative Palette?

Our goal is to develop a platform that can help every business to get a creative edge for them. We are planning to open branches in few other cities of India.

What you will tell our audience so that they will get motivation from you?

My message for the audience is to believe that everyone is special and creative in their own way, all you need to do is discover your true passion and nurture that.

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4 thoughts on “Startup Story of Kreative Palette – Wife gifts the domain name on birthday…

  • Congratulations to Kingshuk Bhattacharya & Paromita Deb Bhattacharya in making their start up a reality. I firmly believe that passion is the first building block that every entrepreneur needs to succeed.

    • Thank you Britt!
      I am looking for such interesting and motivational stories, for that I am taking interviews of founders. These stories may motivate people to get success in their startup!

  • What a great team they are! And what a special birthday gift.

    • Yes, I am collecting such motivational Stories, taking interviews of entrepreneurs! TechnoVans is trying to motivate people for getting success!


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