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Startup Story of NextAds Tricycle: Implementing Effective Advertising Ideas

Today we came up with new startup story, the story of NextAds Tricycle. The company started with enthusiasm and growing fast with the world. NextAds helping to grow the business of others by implementing effective advertising ideas.

The founders of NextAds told their story to TechnoVans.

NextAds Founders
NextAds Founders

Interview with NextAds Team:

TechnoVans Team: Who are the Founders of NextAds?
NextAds Team: Mayur Dhande, Yogesh Mahajan, Shrikrishna Kotkar

TechnoVans Team: Tell us about your educational background
NextAds Team:
Mayur Dhande is graduate (BE Computer ), technology expert with consultation experience in SAP
Yogesh Mahajan has completed his Master Degree in Finance and he is an Operations Expert
Shrikrishna is MBA Finance from IIM Ahmadabad

TechnoVans Team: Tell us about your startup, what products/services provided by your startup?
NextAds Team:
NextAds is a business helping to grow the business of others. NextAds is mainly in advertising industry implementing low cost advertising ideas and one of the most effective idea we are implementing is Tricycle advertisement.


TechnoVans Team: Why the name NextAds?
NextAds Team: We are innovating next level advertisement, hence the name NextAds.

TechnoVans Team: How did you come up with this idea? and how much efforts you have taken to implement it?
NextAds Team: We have studied more than 3 months before start and this idea came when we think lets have low cost and more beneficial for customers to grow thier business.

TechnoVans Team: How much money did it require to start a NextAds?
NextAds Team: Around 2.5 lakhs

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TechnoVans Team: How much was your first income? How(where) you have used/invested it?
NextAds Team: 7000 in 5 days and invested for more one cycle.

TechnoVans Team: How do you market about your business NextAds?
NextAds Team: We are active on social media like WhatsApp and Facebook and we post the tricycle advertisement process which will for sure help others to grow their business.In normal talks also we discuss about tricycle advertisement with common people.

TechnoVans Team: What were the problems/challenges you faced upto this date? how did you overcome them?
NextAds Team: We faced lot of challenges to convince brands for tricycle advertisement and then we started with own advertisement and shown to customers how its beneficial. We got call from local politicians also for commission but we meet them and convinced them that how we are helping society.

TechnoVans Team: Do you have a website for your business? If Yes, How do you manage your website?
NextAds Team: Yes, we have website and it is static website right now. We update it when our clients get increased.

TechnoVans Team: What are the future goals for your firm NextAds ?
NextAds Team: Innovating advertising and generating more jobs.

TechnoVans Team: What you will tell our audience so that they will get motivation from you?
NextAds Team: We were thinking about the advertisements business then we got an idea about tricycle advertisement. We didn’t get the rider in the start then we decided to ride on our own.
On the first day only, our cycle got a puncture and it was difficult to ride because its heavy with banner then we both Mayur and Yogesh together took that punctured cycle more than 3 km.
That was the real learning part for us that how people struggle at ground level and proceed further with that learning.

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