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Startup Story of the FirstCry, the Pune based startup

FirstCry is an online portal for baby care and kids products. The best web portal to buy kids products online. We came up with the interesting and unique startup story of the FirstCry.

Startup Story of the FirstCry, the Pune based startup

How it all started?

This Pune based startup has a unique story.

The Co-founder of Firstcry, Supam Maheswari when became father it was a great deal to find some good stuff for his baby, even the best shop for baby products was around 18 km away from him. He whenever was on a business trip to abroad, he used to utilise all his free time in shopping baby products, toys etc. for his kid. We all know necessity is the mother of innovation, the least availability of kids product brought the idea to start Firstcry, where they offer a great range of products.

In 2010, Supam Maheswari and Amitava Saha founded Firstcry.

Challenges Faced & Growth

Major challenge was how to stay relevant with consumers.

In India the market was very unorganised and people were reluctant to buy online.
Initially they approached inventory based model where they shipped across the country from its warehouses.

After few years they started inviting local retailers to sell their products through it’s website. Initially they focused more on cash-burn low strategy.
To plug cash-burn in the cash-on-delivery service, an automated email or phone call is made to each customer who places an order online. Only after the customer confirms the order, the product dispatched.

All the young parents who found it convenient to buy product online gave a major boost to Firstcry. When the founders decided to infuse the promotion campaign with social media, discount coupons and special offer for regular buyers the growth increased.

Now, it’s Asia one of the biggest and trusted platform for baby care products.

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Fundings and Future plans

Firstcry’s major aim is to give products in low price with a high quality. We all know the quality of products always retain customers.
Step- by – step serving the satisfaction with product they gained  $741.4 Million of funding in total.

According to the recent report published on Economic Times,
A consortium of private equity investors TPG, ChrysCapital and premji invest- has invested around $315 million in Firstcry valuing the omnichannel children’s retailer at around $1.9-$2.1 billion, quoted “the economic times” in one of it’s recent article.
Also the company is looking forward to target a public market in next 18-24 months.

It amaze and inspire me both at the same time, how problems we face in daily life can create a great start-up.

Haven’t you tried Firstcry? What are you waiting for try it out, now you know what it offers and how it evolved. Also, the brand ambassador of Firstcry is actor Amitabh Bachchan, yes our very own Big B.

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