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Fuzia – Best platform to showcase your talent and creativity

This is the story of the great and unique platform, which enables everyone to showcase their talent and get recognized by the world. Fuzia is the platform mainly created for women to connect, create and show talent to the world! But today it becomes more global and available for all women and men. This amazing platform is created or founded by young girl Riya Sinha.

Fuzia - Best platform to showcase your talent and creativity
Fuzia – Best platform to showcase your talent and creativity

About the founders of the Fuzia platform

Riya Sinha is the founder of Fuzia. 

When she was 11, she wrote a book called “Runaway Twins”, which sold through the Amazon website and through local Palo Alto bookstore, Books Inc. In writing the book, Riya got the inspiration to launch a website to help other girls through their writings and online connections.

As founder of Fuzia, Riya works to make sure the website is the best for all teenagers and girls who want to change the world for the better.

Shraddha Varma is the cofounder of Fuzia.

Shraddha believes that being a woman is a superpower in itself and encourages women to become their own inspiration.
She is there to lift all the talents up and make Fuzia a space where all women can belong and no talent goes unnoticed.

Founders of Fuzia

How Fuzia platform works

Fuzia encourages all individuals to connect, create and show their talent to the world. You can write an article, poem and publish on this platform. You can showcase your unique talent like if you have drawing skills then you can showcase that skills on that platform and it will help you to increase your online visibility.

This platform is not just a showcase platform but it will help you to get a job or setup your own business or get customers for your art or the products which you have developed with your skills.

The platform is a virtual stage for people to exhibit their talent and creativity, and spark meaningful conversations amongst people who share similar passions.

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User-friendly website and mobile app

You can create your account and set up your profile through the website or the mobile app available. And start sharing your skills or the content with the audience.

Globally used platform and happy users

Fuzia is already being used by many users and they are happy with the benefits of the same. According to the testimonials mentioned on their website, one of their happy users says – 

“Not only did Fuzia enhance my creative skills & gave me a global space to express, but I also grabbed a remote Internship opportunity which turned into a full-time job opportunity and I couldn’t be happier! I will be forever grateful to Fuzia.”

Revenue and market 

Currently bootstrapped, the platform has six million people on its network and more than 50,000 active contributors in the community every month.

“We are currently focusing only on developing engaging activities on our website and social media,” says Shraddha.

Potential clients connect with Fuzia and share their work requirements. The team have dedicated project managers and talent agents to help each client. The work is then assigned to suitable members matching their skillsets.

“The clients pay us a certain fee and we, in turn, pay these members. We earn through the commission that we get in this process,” says Shraddha. The team refused the share the percentage and fee.

Future plan

The Fuzia team aims to empower women across the glob and make them financially independent. The team is trying hard to help all members of the Fuzia to enhance their skills and turn them into professionals.

You may want to visit the website of Fuzia.

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