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MatchMe Matrimony Business by these women entrepreneurs generates Rs. 1 Cr Revenue

The idea of Matrimony Website

Mishi Mehta Sood and Tania Malhotra Sondhi came together and invented the MatchMe as a passion project. The idea born by Mishi when she found people are struggling to find out the life partner. She realized that this had to be addressed in a more organized way. And she reached to her college friend Tania Sondhi. Together the ladies utilized their aptitude and networking skills and extensive experience in HR recruiting to launch personalized boutique matrimonial service called MatchMe in 2015.

Mishi Mehta Sood and Tania Malhotra Sondhi, Co-founders at MatchMe
Mishi Mehta Sood and Tania Malhotra Sondhi, Co-founders at MatchMe

MatchMe, the Delhi-based website is well known now for its personalized approach and all other important features to find the life partner. The process at MatchMe for clients makes sure that they find the right partner as per their wish. MatchMe plays an important role to make a meeting of people to get married to a happy life ahead.

What is MatchMe?

MatchMe – an exclusive and extremely personalized service to help you find a partner for a lifetime.

“We have a significant network that we have been able to establish not only in North India but also abroad. We are growing year-on-year,” says the founding duo, who currently runs a two-women matchmaking army.

Tania and Mishi, as an essential policy, personally deal with their clients throughout the process, starting from the first interaction to the closure of the match. It’s an absolute one-to-one service, wherein the duo works hand-in-hand with the individuals or their families. They deal in an extremely transparent way and share whatever information is given to them from both sides.

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The style, as different as it might be from the swipe-and-match culture inspired by the dating apps, has interestingly enough, proven to be successful for MatchMe. To date, the two-women matchmaking portal has successfully closed around 100 matches, clocking in a little more than Rs 1 crore in revenue annually.

“As far as personalized matchmaking is concerned, we have so far seen a growth of about 15 -20 percent year-on-year,” they add.

MatchMe Revenue Model ( Pricing )

Behind this sustainability, one of the driving factors is the pricing of MatchMe services. The membership plan starts from Rs 2 lakh onwards, of which Rs 50,000 is taken as membership fee – or as the founders say, “We need a commitment from the client for the commitment and service that we provide.” The remaining amount is charged for successful matchmaking that leads to marriage.

Heading towards success

Tania and Mishi are now looking to grow the business throughout India and for the same, they are looking forward to raising the funds from external sources.

“We want MatchMe to be recognized as the most efficient and trustworthy matchmaking service for Indians across the globe.”

  • Tania and Mishi, Co-founders of MatchMe


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