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Ishika Kataria – Top Fashion Influencer on Instagram: Interview

Ishika Kataria – Top fashion influencer on Instagram: Interview
Today we are going to read the story or small interview of Ishika Kataria, Fashion Influencer on Instagram.

We have started an interview series of Top fashion influencers on Instagram. Today we will introduce Ishika Kataria. We will interview top fashion influencers on Instagram in India and will publish on

TechnoVans is the platform for all the entrepreneurs, brands, influencers and bloggers to promote themselves. We are in the process of taking interviews with publishing top fashion influencers on Instagram.

We are starting with Ishika Kataria in this Top fashion influencers on Instagram.

Fashion Influencer Name: Ishika Kataria

Age: 19
Followers: 10160

Ishika Kataria -  Fashion Influencer on Instagram
Ishika Kataria – Fashion Influencer on Instagram

Introduce yourself as a Fashion Influencer?

Ishika Kataria: Hello, I’m Ishika Kataria and my fashion choices are directly dependant on my moods. I dress how I feel. What and how I wear speaks to me and my moods. If I’m bored, I’ll dress just normal but if I’m excited I’ll experiment and choose an outfit that makes a statement.

How frequently you do a paid promotion of brands?

Ishika Kataria: I don’t do paid promotion.

Why people should follow you on Instagram?

Ishika Kataria: Have you ever heard, When you see someone smile, you smile as well? I am grateful to have been blessed with a smile that brings a smile out of you and I want to share that with as many of you as I can.

As a writer, follow me to read new write-ups and quirky captions.

Also, follow me for comfortable and statement fashion content.”

Do you have a website/blog ? if YES please mention the URL and how do you utilize the same as an influencer?

Ishika Kataria:

In addition to being an influencer, I’m a writer and I use my blog to share the tunes and bits about my perceptions and opinions.

As an influencer, my blog helps me to recommend products easily and gives easier buying options to my readers.

Interesting fact about you?

I am a vegetarian, trying to be a vegan ( which should be easy considerably because I only have to skip dairy products but try saying ‘NO’ to my mom when she is feeding you ghee and you’ll know how difficult it actually is.)

What is your advice for new fashion Instagrammers to grow on Instagram?

Ishika Kataria: The easiest way is to be you and be consistent.
People love authenticity. So don’t try becoming someone else; it’s neither good for your mental health nor for your instagram page.

Follow Ishika Kataria, Fashion Influencer on Instagram: @ishika_jk

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