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Meet Mr. Harshal Fuse the founder of InternIn

On the TechnoVans platform, we publish startup stories, influencer stories, brand stories, tech stories, motivational real stories. We appreciate your positive feedback on the work we are doing. We are excited to share the new story. And this story is of Mr. Harshal Fuse the founder of InternIn. How he has started the InternIn platform for students. TechnoVans team interviewed Mr. Harshal Fuse to know more about him and his startup and same we are trying to present here on TechnoVans.

About Founder

Mr.Harshal Fuse is the Founder and CEO of InternIn.

He is a first MBA grad from his village. He has deep knowledge and experience in the Marketing & Management and he is born and brought up in the small village from Maharashtra. But this thing never stopped him to become the young successful entrepreneur and interest in the entrepreneurship attracts him to start a Start-Up named as InternIn.

He also served CMO position at one startup named as COLCO and along with that is also mentor at Expertrons and youth counselor at Art Of Living.

He is also motivational speaker and delivered lectures in Goa Institute Of Management, Lovely Professional University, National Institute of Management and many more management institutions.

Mr. Harshal Fuse the founder of InternIn
Mr. Harshal Fuse the founder of InternIn

About the InternIn platform

As Mr. Fuse said, InternIn stands tall with a commitment to providing outstanding internships/job opportunities to enhance the educational journey of students. Their vision is to create a company that acts as a magnet for discovered and undiscovered talent. An organization with a unique culture that aims to foster professional and personal growth that contributes to building world leaders. InternIn works on the primary goal of placing the right person at the right place in the right corporate. “Great companies always need great people and InternIn is working on that”.

Helping students to get a job

Every student out on their first internship/job search realizes that without a cover letter the process is incomplete. Keeping that in mind, InternIn focuses on dispensing a helping hand in internship applications as well by assisting students with well-written applications that highlight relevant skills and experience that make students look like the best fit for the role. They also assist in defining goals for applying for the job.

InternIn is a portal that aids students in easily applying through and connecting with reputed organizations and helps students reach their dreamland. They help students reduce the time and effort with the appropriate process in the very first attempt. And an additional benefit of developing relevant skills and getting guidance from professionally trained recruiters.

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Idea of the InternIn platform and its implementation

When the world was struggling with COVID-19’s repercussions, and the Lockdown had many people restricted within 4 walls, that’s when Harshal, a 21 year old and the only MBA grad from his village had his light bulb moment to embark on a new venture.

Harshal realized that the Pandemic had thrashed the Internships/Jobs opportunities for students really hard and thus many couldn’t even find internships in good corporates because they were firing their existing staff. The chances seemed slim. Harshal felt the hardships of students and identified this situation as an opportunity for creating a student-centric platform that catered to the internship and job related needs of students. That’s when InternIn came into being.

And talking about efforts then as per Mr. Harshal said us in interview is that, a lot of effort has already been invested and a lot is still in progress. It took about 10 month of hard work to create base of 1 lakh students, and their team still working 15-17 hours daily to grow these numbers.

Heading towards the success

  • Helped three Start-Ups for scaling up to new heights with achieving revenue up to more than $1 Million for them.
  • Planning to launch Android and iOS mobile application of InternIn.
  • Coming up with an implementation of new features for InternIn platform on the basis of feedback received from nearby 10,000 students from different educational background

Team is the motivation

When we asked him that who motivates you too work so many hours a day the he said, his team motivates him. There are total around 42 team members and 600 Interns in their team and their dedication towards InternIn only motivates him daily to get back to work with fresh positive attitude.

Motivational words from Mr. Harshal for our audience

Success Is Never An Accident ; It Is Always The Result Of Intelligent Efforts.

Team is everything at Start-Up. Your team can decide success of your Start-Up. If you don’t have right people in the team then trust me getting success would be difficult for any one.

Do not be an entrepreneur if you want to earn money, be one if you want be create a change and make the world a better place, the commercials come in later.

Follow Harshal on Instagram, LinkedIn.

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