Interview with Chinmoy Sharma, Co-founder of Eerlik Media

Chinmoy Sharma sharing his startup journey in this interview with TechnoVans. TechnoVans team is trying to connect with Indian startup founders and get their startup stories published on TechnoVans. Chinmoy Sharma, a co-founder of Eerlik Media, sharing his overall experience with us about how he started a small business considering the problem exists and how he is heading towards success!

Chinmoy Sharma, Co-founder of Eerlik Media

Interview with Chinmoy Sharma, Co-founder of Eerlik Media

Who are the Founders of Eerlik Media and How Eerlik Media started?

I joined social media after my 10th. In 2014 I got addicted to twitter. I joined twitter as a fan of Virat Kohli to cheer him up. In 2017 later half I got to know that influencer marketing is a good source of income. I started doing some work with some agencies. In 2018 I met my current business partner Parikshit and discussed to open a digital marketing firm. Finally, in May 2018 I and Parikshit Shah from Navi Mumbai started this venture.

Tell us about your educational background.

I was born In Nalbari, Assam. At the age of 5, I went to Guwahati due to my father’s job and I completed my education in Guwahati. I did Bsc in Electronics in a college under Guwahati University. I have also received a certificate of Hindi Visharad from Assam Rastrabhasa Prasar Samiti, Guwahati.

Tell us about your startup, what products/services provided by your startup?

Eerlik Media is a digital marketing company based in Navi Mumbai. We offer services like social media promotion, content writing, graphic designing, website designing, and SEO, etc. We basically help our clients by making them reach to the pan-India audience. We make the best social media strategy for our clients. We believe in not only providing the best of the services but also in providing our clients with the best result.

Why the name Eerlik Media?

When we were thinking about the company name we discussed that we will keep the name relevant to honesty. It took almost 5-6 hours to think the name. Then we got something in Google like – In “Afrikaans” language Eerlik means honest, frank, and truthfulness. Then we named our company Eerlik Media

How did you come up with this idea? and how much effort you have taken to implement it?

As I mentioned above we noticed that Digital Marketing can be a very impactful tool for brands and businesses. We also noticed that many people do not have knowledge of Digital marketing. We wanted to cater to those industries which are looking to explore the digital world and provide them reliable and transparent service.

How much money did it require to start an Eerlik Media?

Being the first person from my family to try my luck in an unconventional sector I did not carry any capital with me. More or less it was the same case with my partner as well.

How do you do marketing about your business Eerlik Media?

We are getting leads with word of mouth. We are thankful to our clients to recommend our services to their circle. From the last 1 year, we are getting lots of good feedback from our clients. We get some clients when they see the result of the campaigns we run.

What were the problems/challenges you faced up to this date? How did you overcome them?

There are less awareness and opportunities available in my born place compared to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. But, I managed to do it somehow. Initially, we had lots of problems due to the lack of capital but we are trying to cope up with it.

How do you manage your time in a day? Please give us details about your daily routine.

My routine is normal as others not much special. But sometimes when we run some live campaigns for a brand or tv shows or any launch events we work almost 16-18 hours a day. Sometimes we need to skip our meal too but in rare cases.

What are the future goals for your firm Eerlik Media?

We are trying to expand our service catalog in the upcoming days. We are trying to expand our client base to. Increasing our team to fulfill all the requirements of clients.

What are your motivational words for our audience?

I believe in hard work and never giving up attitude. The most important thing I want to say when we fail we started giving excuses but we never accept our fault. So, the tagline of my life is “STOP COMPLAINING”. If you failed it means you did any mistake, just try to do it better than last time that’s it.

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