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Story of United We Care: Mental Health Startup by Shumita Kakkar

This is the story of United We Care, the startup founded by Shumita Kakkar. This is her story. Story of Mental Health startup, United We Care.

Shumita Kakkar- Founder of United We Care
Shumita Kakkar- Founder of United We Care

Shumita Kakkar was at the peak of her career in 2019. After over a decade of working in the corporate world in multinational telecom companies like Vodafone and Samsung, the MBA graduate was working successfully as an entrepreneur.

Her Delhi-based startup 6T Seconds, founded in 2017, was tapping into the growing short-form entertainment sector with telecom heavyweights such as Airtel, Vodafone, Hutch, Robi, and ten other companies among its clients and was launched in 13 countries.

Idea of the platform – United We Care

Life took a sharp turn when she came across a few of her friends – some of the strongest women she knew – going through a difficult time in life.

“One of them was going through a separation and the other one, a divorce. I saw them break down to a level that they contemplated taking their own lives,” she recalls.

Later that day, she went home and searched the internet for a platform that helped women with their mental health issues and legal support but did not find anything. That is when Shumita sprung to action and founded United For Her (now rebranded as United We Care) in November, 2019.

When a woman undergoes challenges, she tries to tell herself it’s okay, things will become fine and keep motivating herself. This stress then turns into anxiety and depression that may also lead to suicidal tendencies.”Shumita Kakkar, Founder of United We Care.

Now, United We Care is a platform that weaves social, mental, financial & legal support for all genders who are going through a difficult time in their life.

United We Care – Online Counselling & Therapy ( Android App )

United We Care is your support system to get professional assistance to combat mental and emotional challenges.
On the United We Care app, you can speak your heart out with Experts having a proven track record.

After launching an app in May this year, United We Care has onboarded more than 190 psychiatrists and experts with more than five years’ experience. The app has been downloaded more than 3,000 times within three months without any hardcore marketing by the startup.

Shumita emphasizes that her focus is on people who want to seek help without revealing their identities. In fact, 88 percent of users have returned to book second and third appointments, which are priced between Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,500 for an hourly session.

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Stella, AI-based virtual health assistant for Free

The startup has built an intelligent platform with a recommendation engine. In the next 10 days, the platform plans on introducing Stella, an AI-based virtual health assistant for free that will be integrated on the United We Care’s app and website. “The goal is to make people happy. Even at one’s lowest, Stella can help people stay positive by playing a nice song or showing pictures to uplift their mood,” the entrepreneur adds. 

As a founder of United We Care, Shumita prides on having this unique platform to help anyone and everyone around the world!

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  • Kudos to her excellent thought and it’s execution she is my inspiration.. everything is possible ifor you want to… thanks for sharing her journey Vanesh

  • It’s an amazing story that you shared above. Such initiatives will only bring the unemployment rate down in India, plus fulfilling the purpose of the startups like in this case helping people with their mental health. – I am Puru Kumar, owner of and and I am glad I came across such an amazing article. Thanks!


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