Being Techie: A Handpick or Handicap

Being Techie: A Handpick or Handicap

Earlier reference.

In my earlier blog, we discussed how technology has affected humanity in humans. Some of us, in fact, many of us, have forgotten our basic values. The over smart people are exploiting over the weak ones through phishing, prank calls, unsecure Internet connections, secret hacking, and uploading, watching, and circulating inappropriate content.

A simpler and easier life.

But, in contrast to this, some of the states of the art technology has also positively impacted human life. It has made our life simpler and easier by doing repetitive and mundane tasks. It also helps us to perform some complex tasks.

For example –
Laptop, mobile, tablets, PCs, TV, automobiles, cooking gas, geyser, ACs, doorbell, Robot, Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputers, Internet network, Software applications

Part of daily routine and over-dependency

Almost, all of these (exception maybe robots) are used in everyday life. They have facilitated automation. In fact, they have automated our life! Some of these are parts of our daily routine. For example- Messaging applications on mobile, cooking gas, TV, ACs, Laptops, geyser, etc.

We cannot imagine living without all these. Our standard of living has become such an advanced that we have become over-dependent on some of them.
For example – It will be more preferable for us to go by car even to a destination which is hardly 1 km away. We don’t want to walk.

For even simple calculations many are using calculators.

Pandemic life and technology

Technology has proved to be useful in this pandemic like situation because of the following:

  • People are able to connect via video calls
  • Office employees can work from home
  • Unemployed people can find a vast amount of resources to upskill themselves more
  • Also, people can utilize technology to grow and develop their hobbies


Use of technology can sometimes prove to be a benefit; like in this pandemic like situations, if at all people are making good use of it or its use can destroy the muscles in our body; it can make even our brain neurons much weaker and weaker – as our physical and mental activity both is being performed by these devices!

Author Bio –
Sayalee Kokil, Blogger at I am going Digital!

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