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3 Most used mobile apps during coronavirus

Since few months Corona Virus crisis is going on. This Coronavirus crisis ruined many lives across the world. Many businesses are closed because of the lockdown declared by Governments of respective countries. Some of the businesses are running and those businesses are related to essential commodities like groceries, milk, medical shops, clinics, etc. Other businesses are running and those are the online businesses, the businesses not required physical contact at all. People in the world are spending more time on mobile. So we will see which are the most used mobile apps during coronavirus.

Most used mobile apps during coronavirus
3 Most used mobile apps during coronavirus

The people having smartphones are now more active in various messaging apps, video call apps, entertainment apps. We will list the three most used mobile apps during this coronavirus.

3 Most used mobile apps during Coronavirus

#1 TikTok

The first most used mobile app during this coronavirus is TikTok. TikTok is the most entertaining mobile app in the world. People can make or shoot videos and just publish it. We can say TikTok is the most used video-sharing app in the world.

TikTok founded in 2012 by Zang Yiming, Chinese entrepreneur. Zhang is now a 36-year-old Chinese billionaire. He is the ninth richest person in China.

During this coronavirus, TikTok gained 800+ million active users worldwide.

Influencers are using this app for their promotion or promoting the brands. Some entrepreneurs are using this app to promote their business.

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TikTok was already popular before coronavirus, but that the lockdown has supercharged it.

Tik Tok is a fun social network with a lot of potential. You can search through countless entertaining videos at the touch of a button, and best of all, you can share your best video creations with an ever growing community.

#2 WhatsApp

This is the most used app even before the coronavirus crisis. But during coronavirus, the use of WhatsApp has been increased.

WhatsApp used for messaging, audio calls, video calls, group audio or video calls, etc. Also used to share media files like photos, documents, videos, etc.

In this lockdown, people are making video calls to connect with their family members, relatives or friends.

You can also use WhatsApp in your local language.

Most of the Governments also launched their helpline on WhatsApp for all the citizens.

Citizens in India can text a WhatsApp bot — called MyGov Corona Helpdesk — to get instant authoritative answers to their coronavirus queries such as the symptoms of the viral disease and how they could seek help.

Tweet by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India:

#3 Zoom

Due to the coronavirus crisis, most of the firms started WFH ( work from home ) for their employees, the communication has to be happening by emails, chats, or video calls. Most of the time it is not possible to explain everything in an email or chat, hence we need to go on a video conference call. These video calls are long time going, mt be 20 -30 minutes.

Zoom is the most used app for video conferences. It is a video conferencing software that lets you connect remotely for video or voice-call meetings with one or more people.

Most of the interviews ( job interviews ) are getting conducted on ( or through ) Zoom. More and more departments are using Zoom to schedule employee interviews.

Zoom is becoming increasingly popular in this coronavirus period.

These are the most used mobile apps during coronavirus period.

If you are using the above apps for different purposes or if you are using different apps as an alternative for the above apps then please mention in comments about the same. We would love to know your valuable information about your favorite mobile app.

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