Her Success Story – A Journey from being a salesgirl to owning a Fashion Accessory brand making 7.5 Cr annual revenue

Imagine a girl at the age of 15 with no money, no support, and a bleak future all by herself today running a successful multi-crore Fashion Jewellery brand.
This is the story of Chinu Kala who despite all the hardships, despair and hopelessness in her initial phase of life never gave up.

Chinu Kala - Her Success Story
Chinu Kala – Her Success Story

Today, she has built a successful fashion accessory online brand.

Let’s get into her story and get some inspiration from her, yes, her story will inspire you to achieve more and more in your life. 

Success Story of Chinu Kala in her own words

People from the outside, most often, get to see the final outcome and are not aware of the Journey part. Let me take you through my journey which started around 20 years back. 

First job as a Sales Girl

It has by no means been an easy journey, my first job was as a door to door sales girl where I was earning 20 rupee a day, well that was the only job I got at that time. 

My aim was to make enough money for a day’s meal. But, inside me I was RESTLESS, and I knew that this is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I also knew that the only way out of this was to work harder. 

My work as a door to door sales girl was life-changing, believe me on a HOT and sunny day when people slam their doors on your face It really hurts. But every door that got slammed on me made me tougher from inside and my resolve to become successful, Stronger. 

I always believed that If you are going through hell, Just Keep going.

When I look back, I believe whatever I am today is because of my hunger for success and my never give up attitude 

Chinu Kala
Chinu Kala

Got an idea of starting a Fashion Jewellery Business

During my whole journey, while I was trying to make my ends meet, I changed a few jobs looking for a better life but there was one thing constant. And that was, my desire to be successful. In the next few years, I got married and participated in Gladrags Mrs. India where I was amongst the final few. This was the time when I saw how important Jewellery was for the fashion industry as one good Jewellery piece could enhance the whole look of a person.

Chinu Kala
Chinu Kala

Birth of Rubans

I started my 1st venture in 2012 wherein I used to deal with corporate merchandise. This business gave me the opportunity to interact with the marketing heads of some of the major corporates in the country. During my interactions with them, I got inspired to start my own brand. This was the time when I coupled my love for fashion and my business skills to start Rubans. The challenge was that I was getting into a 10 Billion dollar revenue industry with no formal knowledge of retail or technology. But I had the conviction in my idea and my resolve to work as hard as possible to make it a success. 


We started 5 years back with an investment of 3 Lacs and since then the brand has seen considerable growth. Last year we clocked a turnover of 7.5 Cr. 

And then came my oomph moment when I got a call from team Myntra and they were interested in investing in my dream. Today Rubans is part of the Biggest retail group in the world, Walmart, Flipkart, Myntra 

Heading towards success

Now, together we and Myntra are looking at taking the brand to the next level as I feel that this is just the beginning of a long journey. 

In the end, I can say that –

“Dream big and give your 100% to convert your dream into a reality.”

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  • Chinu Kala is clearly an inspiration and a reminder to everyone that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen! Thank you for sharing

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