Shannon Nogueira: A Journey from Mumbai to the World

Shannon Nogueira (23) is an Indian educator based out of Mumbai. He is currently a teacher at Don Bosco International School and also teaches creative writing with The Hobby Tribe across the globe.

Shannon Nogueira: A Journey from Mumbai to the World
Shannon Nogueira: A Journey from Mumbai to the World

We hear so many stories that inspire us, motivate us, and challenge us. We hear so many stories of hard work, dedication, and passion. We hear stories of people with exemplary skills and a passion for their work. Well, here’s another one. This story is about pushing boundaries, overcoming obstacles, and emerging as the best in the field.

A journalist turned educator

Shannon Nogueira’s journey as an educator did not have an idyllic start. A journalist turned educator; Shannon had switched multiple fields before getting into the field of teaching which he now calls as ‘the best decision he has made’. As a trainee teacher, Shannon made the most out of his experience and learned everything he could within the two years of training.

Shannon Nogueira, coolest teacher

Nogueira does not fit the description of the stereotyped teacher one expects to see in school. He sports multiple tattoos and a trendy hair-do along with a philosophy where he considers his students to be his best friends.  It is no surprise, that Shannon soon becomes a student favorite wherever he teaches and is often referred to as the ‘coolest’ teacher.  However, none of this came easy. On the way were many obstacles in the form of regressive mentalities. A mentality that Shannon refers to as ‘toxic’.

“There are so many people who told me I’ll never be a good teacher because of the clothes I wore and the way I styled my hair”, He said. “However, I always knew that I was doing the right thing by going against the tide”, he added.

Shannon gave a befitting reply to most critics when top schools in India and abroad offered him a job. Some of the biggest names sent him to offer letters owing to his accolades and achievements in different fields like sports, music, writing, photography, and so on.

Nevertheless, Nogueira was keen on joining his alma mater, Don Bosco International School, Matunga. He said, “Don Bosco Matunga has made me who I am and I want to give back to my school what they gave me”. Shannon proudly credits his accolades in sports, theatre, music academics to the staff and priests at Don Bosco Matunga.

He teaches across the globe

The story does not end there… A boy who just began his journey in June 2020 as a teacher is now also tutoring kids across the globe. As a part of The Hobby Tribe, an online hobby learning platform, Shannon has taught creative writing to almost 50 kids from across the globe in a span of just three months. He teaches virtually in countries like UAE, The United Kingdom, Saudi, Philippines, and also The United States of America. He also privately tutors students in the US and Cyprus.

People appreciate his teaching skills

Suvan, a 7-year-old student from England said, “Shannon sir teaches us something new in class every day. He structures the class very well and is very knowledgeable. I eagerly look forward to my creative writing classes”. “Shannon sir is a very enthusiastic and fantastic teacher. He teaches me to think and process my ideas which have impacted me in a very positive way” added 11-year-old Arshia from Missouri, USA. The Founder and CEO of Hobby Tribe, Mr. Joshua Salins also had a lot to say about Shannon. He says, “Shannon’s dedication, hard work, and passion come second to none. Shannon doesn’t just teach but also inspires the little ones and they look forward to coming to class. Shannon is truly a blessing to the Hobby Tribe.”

He wants to start his own school

Shannon’s future plans include starting a school of his own. He also has an NGO which caters to underprivileged kids. Shannon’s story is truly a story that inspires and motivates many.

“No dream is unachievable as long as you chase it with your mind, heart and soul” – Shannon Nogueira

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  • Shannon is disciplined, self motivated, a go-getter and he has a genuine incline to positively impact the lives of all those around him; especially aspiring kids and youth. His focus, hardwork and dedication has helped him to promptly scale up the success ladder. Since Shannon doesn’t wish to climb this ladder alone, he ensures that he doesn’t miss an opportunity to inspire and motivate others to follow in his footsteps. Good Job Shannon, do continue to chase your dreams. Your dreams are destined to come true soon


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