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Upskill yourself with Daily Skills, the first Indian e-learning marketplace

Daily Skills, is an e-learning platform helping anyone and everyone to learn and develop new skills, which will enable them to survive successfully in the Gig Economy. It is the most beneficial platform/app to learn new things and apply those learned new things to earn.

Upskill yourself with Daily Skills, MadeInIndia e-learning platform

Daily Skills, is the trending app in the e-learning category, which is founded by Subilal K from Kerala.

About the founder:
Subilal K is an Entrepreneur, Digital Coach, and Business Consultant. He has started his career with the Indian Navy and after taking voluntary retirement, he became an Entrepreneur. Subilal has taken specialization in Personal Branding and Marketing Automation. He is the founder of multiple startups and contributing to the mission MakeInIndia.

Subilal K, Founder of Daily Skills

Daily Skills, an e-learning marketplace

It is an e-learning marketplace from India envisioned to help people to skill-up to stand right up in the Gig Economy.

“There is a clear gap between the education and skill possessed by aspirants in Kerala. Both candidates and entrepreneurs are not educated in the new requirement,” said Subilal K, Founder, Daily Skills.

On this e-learning marketplace, there are the most valuable and trending courses available that are created and provided on the basis of Gig economy requirements. “Digital Marketing and the Business Development is the need of the Business growth hence they are focusing more on the courses come under these categories,” – Subilal K

Learn more and earn more

These courses are available at affordable prices ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.500. The courses offered through the website and android app features live sessions, assessments, discussion forums, etc. Learn more and earn more by applying your learned skills. According to the Daily Skills website, learners can also request for Daily Free Learning.

Share your knowledge and earn money

An interesting feature of this e-learning platform is Teach with us. With this feature, you can earn money by sharing your knowledge with the world.
“By using your skill you can create a course video and upload it in Daily Skills, when our students find it valuable and buy the course you will get the money from us.” – Subilal K

You may want to visit the website and download the app for more details.

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