CamfyVision: A Bengaluru based Leading Facial Recognition Startup

CamfyVision is an Artificial Intelligence-driven product-based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. CamfyVision is working on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning and Computer Vision. A Bengaluru based Leading Facial Recognition Startup with a great team provides Facial Recognition Solutions. TechnoVans team sharing the startup story of CamfyVision whose founder is Mr. Vedpal Singh.

Startup Name: CamfyVision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Founders: Vedpal Singh
Location: Bangalore, India

CamfyVision – Introduction to AI Based Product development company

CamfyVision is an Artificial Intelligence driven product-based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. CamfyVision is working on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning and Computer Vision. We have a great team has expertise of product development in this domain with industry experience in India & Abroad. We have developed deep learning based FacEAI-PRO: Intelligent Facial Recognition Solution, which is a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Facial Recognition & Analytics solution for schools/pre-schools. FacEAI-PRO is an artificial intelligence based intelligent facial recognition analytics solution that retains the ability to work on multiple video feeds simultaneously from various cameras. It can detect faces with higher accuracy, track them with an algorithm that is compatible with every IP camera, record entry and exit timings in real-time with both indoor and outdoor environments. The software can also generate alarms, reports in real-time and needs minimal training to operate. The FacEAI-PRO can also detect motion, camera tampering and identify the age and gender of those in the simultaneous feed and keep a count of them.

Early Days

About Vedpal Singh, founder of CamfyVision

Vedpal Singh, Founder of CamfyVision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. located in Bangalore, India. Prior to this, he was with Mindtree as a Technical Lead in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence domain. Before to Mindtree, he worked in Biomedix Optotechnik & Devices and DimensionNXG in Bangalore and Mumbai, respectively. He has completed PhD in Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia.  He has completed M.Tech (Computer Science) from Kurukshetra University and B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from Uttar Pradesh Technical University. He has 7+ years of research experience in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. His specialties are Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Face Recognition, Video Analytics, 3D Reconstruction, SLAM based Tracking, Algorithm Developments, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning, Medical Imaging.

Vedpal Singh holds 2 patent and 2-copyrights

Ideation of CamfyVision

Incidents happening in schools/pre-schools on daily basis made me to think about this solution. We have done thorough research on the possible issues in schools/pre-schools related to child safety.” – Vedpal Singh, founder of CamfyVision

What problems are your Startup solving?

CamfyVision is solving the child safety issues in schools/pre-schools using facial recognition technology. CamfyVision has developed the patented technology.  CamfyVision have developed the advanced level of facial recognition solution enabled with artificial intelligence and computer vision. 

What is the revenue model of your Startup?

The revenue model is based on an annual subscription of software and hardware costing of the product. CamfyVision offers a customized solution to our esteemed customers.

Who are your biggest competitors?

CamfyVision’s major competitors are Herta Security, FacePRO by Panasonic and AllgoVision.

Vision and Business Market

Our vision is to become the world leader in Facial Recognition Technology within 5 years. We are a B2B product development company. Therefore, we are following the Distributor appointment model to grow faster. CamfyVision will be, at the global forefront, in providing one of the best Facial Recognition solution leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology and offering world class products. 

CamfyVision Team

Our team is the brain and heart for CamfyVision. We have highly qualified individuals who are smart, capable IT experts, aligned with our values and objectives; we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners.

CamfyVision Team developes AI Based Products
CamfyVision Team developes AI Based Products

Launched Products ( AI Based Products )

We have launched 2 AI based products in the market, FacEAI-PRO and CamfyANPR. FacEAI-PRO is an intelligent Facial Recognition Solution. The FacEAI-PRO has the capability to be deploy at Airports, Metro stations, Railway stations, Defence, Corporate, Schools/pre-schools, Universities, Bus stands, etc. CamfyANPR is an automated number plate recognition solution based on AI. The CamfyANPR has the capability to provide the safety at Vehicle entry locations like Airports, Corporate, Defence, Universities, Apartments, Bus stands, etc.

AI Based Products by  CamfyVision
AI Based Products by CamfyVision

Awards and Recognition

CamfyVision has been recognized by DERBI Foundation, Amrita TBI, DIIP Certification, KBITS Certification. In addition, we got selected in top 25 AI startups in 2019.

Contact Details:
Email Address:
Mobile: +91 9108628001
Website: CamfyVision

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