QuadB Apparels – India’s First Completely Customizable Apparel Brand

QuadB Apparels has emerged as an exceptionally successful startup based out of Chandigarh, who has appeared as a leader in the custom-clothing space. They have come up quickly to become the first and the largest completely customizable apparel brand and the 2nd largest custom-clothing portal of India and Their zeal is to give every person the ability to customize their clothes themselves. To do this, they have persistently used technology in genius ways to innovate and make their promise of maximum customizability a reality.

QuadB Apparels - India’s First Completely Customizable Apparel Brand
QuadB Apparels – India’s First Completely Customizable Apparel Brand


Chandigarh is a carefree city, about 4 hours north from New Delhi. While not particularly famous for innovation, it was where the founders of this custom apparel brand were based out of. They conceived and realized their ideas for the company while still being graduate students. After some test runs for sales on nearby colleges, they scaled their business idea to expand operations to more than just their domain.

Their use of ingenious methods of advertising and marketing defined their success. It’s clear to see that their methods and techniques have been just as important to their rise as a national player as their products. Along with using their own knowledge to develop manufacturing techniques, they used marketing strategies to target their customers and build a base around them.

They’ve gone from strength to strength, have a client list that includes corporate clients (L’Oreal, JP Morgan, UberEats) as well as their original customer base of institutions around the country (IITs, IIMs, DU etc.). How they did this? We’ll try our best to elaborate. Everyone is going digital, but someone’s got to do it first.

QuadB Team
QuadB Team


Technology has helped startups and companies in many ways by streamlining countless older processes and by introducing new ones. Especially in the case of a custom-apparel brand such as QuadB, technology has helped bridge the gaps between customers and their products. QuadB boast of having the highest variety of customizations available to their clients. Their approach to custom apparel is to increase the control and say that customer has in making and modifying their own products.
Another crucial aspect of providing customized apparel is to ensure the buyer is aware of the diversity of choice they have with themselves. Customization is the all-important aspect for a customer when they’re looking for personalized t-shirts and QuadB makes sure to keep it on top of the priority list. They offer the choice of customizations in fabrics, designs, stitching, zippers. You can choose your clothes fabric from different qualities ranging from budget one-day t-shirts to premium corporate apparel.

Being industrial engineers themselves, they ran their own research to use efficient printing techniques which makes it possible for them to offer so many design options. Great design ideas are only great as long as they’re feasible, which was an important thing to keep in mind with the promise of customizability. Now with thousands of unique t-shirts made by QuadB out there in the wild, it’s safe to say they’ve achieved their goals of flexibility and creativity.

DEVELOPING A COMPANY (and everything it does)

To become the 2nd biggest custom apparel brand in India, from a small-town startup is a huge deal. It came with its own challenges and difficulties, but QuadB has maintained creativity about them, in terms of operations as well as manufacturing.
Research has been a handy friend to them while they needed to look for efficiency and building the framework.
The scaling process, usually a taxing and tiring work was smoothened by brilliant developers and digital experts. The software and operations were developed by an in-house team of technical geniuses which streamlined the entire buying and designing process for customers. To become global, digitalization is paramount!

QuadB’s sales went from lakhs to a turnover of over 3 Cr INR last year, and their main weapon is their digital presence. By being web-friendly, they managed to attract customers and clients from all over India and now, even internationally! Making themselves available to a much bigger market brought its own technical obstacles, but nothing that couldn’t be written in code over a few cups of coffee.


A product can be brilliant, but it’s going to be of no use if you do not know how to sell it. When tackled with the dilemma of becoming a bigger entity, the team at QuadB looked for a new solution. To scale without actually having any physical spaces is an impressive feat, that was largely achieved with the help of digital marketing.
By adopting newer techniques, they opened themselves to the possibility of having a real-time database and a firm hold of their target market. By marketing and advertising to people from their own phones, it became an inexpensive and sure-shot way to gather enough traction to scales. Soon, they were getting hundreds of clicks-per-day, all without moving a muscle to advertise!

Before the digital marketing days, however, there was an even innovative technique they had devised all by themselves. In the nascent days of QuadB, creating sales was the nut to crack. By making use of Whatsapp Marketing, QuadB differentiated itself among its competition. Whatsapp Marketing has only come into mainstream techniques recently, when “Whatsapp Business Profiles” came into being.
Having been one of the earliest adopters way back in 2015, QuadB took strides in scaling by making themselves available to customers within their comfort zone.

QuadB Apparels heading towards success

QuadB Apparels - India’s First Completely Customizable Apparel Brand
QuadB Apparels – India’s First Completely Customizable Apparel Brand

Creative answer to problems and an out-of-box approach to everything that comes their way is one way to success, and QuadB has perfectly nailed it till now. A company that keeps customers in mind, works as a team and thinks while keeping the bigger picture in mind will always find it easier to grow into shoes that were once huge. A company that started as a bootstrapped venture to a revenue year of 3 Cr INR, they’ve come a long way.
QuadB’s story inspires you to think and do things out of the norm, we hope that helps you somehow.

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