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Blogger Interview: Pooja Ranavat, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

We at TechnoVans, started Bloggers Interviews series in July 2019. Our first blogger in this series was Britt Kascjak, expert blogger who helps people to manage their social media and content. Today, we are introducing the Indian Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, Pooja Ranavat. She started her blog in this Covid19 lockdown. She is the best example of the inspiration about how we can use the time effectively. You will certainly love to read her blogging journey.

Blogger Interview: Pooja Ranavat, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

Blogger Interview: Pooja Ranavat, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

1. Please tell our readers about yourself and your blog

Hello friends, my name is Pooja Ranavat & I belong to Punjab, India.  I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger and the founder of

My fashion blog covers a variety of topics about fashion and lifestyle. I started my blogging journey in lockdown on 23 April 2020. I had a craze that I had to go online and do something different and great from the people around me.

Although I am a graduate in science, fashion is my profession and i love fashion which I do not want to leave at any cost.

When I read and heard about blogging, a thought came to my mind that yes this is the way through which I can go into the world of fashion.

So just after this, I started collecting knowledge about the field of blogging, I saw about blogging on a lot of YouTube channels and start reading about blogging on a lot of online websites, then I finally start writing posts.

There is a channel named Technical Ripon on YouTube. I learned a lot from that YouTube channel. The inspiration for my blogging journey is just that guy.

Actually, I wanted to graduate in the field of fashion, the story behind it quite long, which I will not be able to tell you yet, but from the time I came to know about fashion blogging, I was like that yes That is what will lead me to my dreams.

This is a brief description of me and my blogging journey.

Pooja Ranavat, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger
Pooja Ranavat, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?

As I told you, I started blogging in lockdown. I had a lot of free time during lockdown so I thought why not use this free time and do something great and new.

After this, I talked to my best friend and told him about blogging. So he suggested to me that if you are so passionate about fashion and do something big and new in the field of fashion then why don’t you take your first step from this. Then what was it that motivated me and I took my first step in the field of blogging.

By the way, Blogger is a free platform on which we can register any of our domain names for free and start writing articles, but when we think that we have to go ahead in our field professionally, then for this we need some investment so we have to do it.

I started working by registering a free blogger website for 2 weeks, but after some time I felt that I should I have my own website. After this, I bought a website domain.

If you are starting a blog, it is very important to have financial support. you should have some backup of the money so that you do not have money problems in starting the blog.

3. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

My blogging inspiration is Mr. Harsh Agarwal and he is one of the famous bloggers in India.

In the future, I want to be a successful blogger like Mr. Harsh Agarwal. That single line work as a motivation for me, and I never gave up.

4. How will you introduce yourself in three words?

Confidence, Positive thinker, Daydreamer.

5. What do you think is the best strategy that worked very well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

Twitter threads are worked very well to get more traffic to my blog. Pinterest pins are also is one of the best ways to get traffic to our blog. When we interact with the right audience, which shows interest in our blog posts then blog traffic automatically increases and our website grows day by day.

“Choose the right audience” is a “key point” to generate traffic to our blog.

6. In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

In the future, I want my blog to be known as one of the biggest fashion websites. For this, I need to work hard and move forward. My dream will come true in the future.

7. A lot of peoples think that blogging is an easy way to make money you have some tips for people who are interested in making money online?

First of all, if you are a new blogger or you start your blog a few months ago then, make money from a blog is quite difficult. In the beginning, pay attention to writing articles and create valuable focused on unique content or learning not just on money.

If you have an audience, then you can try Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, etc. These methods will help you in making money online.

8. Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

Yes, of course, I would encourage other peoples to make their own blog.

Every person has a talent, so we can use our talent to help people and keep growing.
If anyone is passionate about something like drawing, mehndi, art and craft, fashion, technology, etc, then they can share his knowledge globally and reach millions of needy persons. In that case, you can start blogging and turn your passion into a profession.

9. What are your thoughts/feedback about

Your content is unique and full of explanation. everything is done step by step and in an easy way.
I loved the section with blogger interviews and blogger stories.

Creating so much content is hard work but you have compiled it very well.

In the improvement, I will just tell you that keep learning more and keep sharing your knowledge as much as you can.

10. What are the TOP THREE blogging tips you will share with our readers?

  • Be consistent 
  • Read books and online articles related to your blog
  • Collect knowledge related to your niche as much as possible

Follow Pooja Ranavat on Twitter @PoojaRanavat

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